Sunday Night Takeaway slips in second outing

Ratings: Not a good night for MKR or Sunday Night Takeaway. Vera proves to be a surprise package for ABC.

All the key shows post 7:30pm were down on last Sunday’s performance but the gap was still huge between winners and losers.

Married at First Sight topped the night and the demos at 1.45m, down on last week’s high of 1.66m viewers.

It still doubled My Kitchen Rules at 716,000, which edges dangerously close to an all-time low. But right now their problem is overshadowed by another in the schedule.

ABC’s The Crown and Us snared third in its slot, from 7:40pm at 540,000 viewers. But it was more bad news for Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway falling to just 290,000 down from 383,000 last week. Normally on those kinds of numbers and Live TV costs a network would make tough decisions, but these are not normal times….

ABC’s Vera was the surprise of the night pulling 667,000 from 8:40pm -all of whom stayed until it ended at 10:15pm.

Nine network won Sunday with 36.6% then Seven 26.6%, ABC 18.1%, 10 11.6% and SBS 7.1%.

Elsewhere Nine News was 929,000 for Nine then 60 Minutes (814,000) and Slender Man Stabbing (335,000).

Seven News won its slot at 935,000 for Seven then Sunday Night (504,000) and Undercurrent (239,000).

The Project (331,000 / 229,000) was best for 10 then Supercars Championship (Podium 297,000). 10 News First was 271,000 and Hughesy We Have a Problem was 255,000.

ABC News (723,000) led for ABC. A Catalyst replay was 132,000.

London’s Super Tunnel was best for SBS at 229,000 then The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (155,000 / 142,000) and SBS World News (145,000).

Hey Duggee on ABC Kids led multichannels at 155,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 March 2019

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  1. ‘ABC’s Vera was the surprise of the night pulling 667,000 from 8:40pm -all of whom stayed until it ended at 10:15pm.’….Not a surprise to me…I would always watch Vera…even in repeat…
    10 News First was 271,000…I suspect…suffered from being moved around at the weekend.
    SNT was not what I was expecting…I did not know there was a UK version…thought more variety/chat…my bad.

  2. It’s seems Australia went out for some Sunday Night Takeaway and got some food posioning.

    Hey Hey it’s Saturday Night Takeway! Seems to be what viewers are calling for. They don’t want this cheesy light entertainment stuff on a Sunday night.

    I’ve watched both episodes on catch up and found it pretty awful. You’re just never going to be able to match the awesomeness that was Daryl, Ozzie and the Gang.

    Next week I’ll tip under 200.000 for SNT

  3. I Love Sunday Night Takeaway it’s great entertainment and I love Chris And Julia hosting it as well and I don’t think they are overexposed at all it’s much better than the crap on the other 2 commercial stations

  4. Why’s it such a surprise that Vera rates well for the ABC? Great actress in the lead role, good supporting cast, well produced etc.
    As for ” Sunday Night Takeaway”, I think Julia and Chris are just way too overexposed by Ten, but overall, nothing seemingly can stop the MAFS juggernaut right now.
    I do think “The Project” is a huge problem for Ten, they need to retool it in some way, and anyway, Ten’s stocks will recover later in the year when their Masterchef and various Bachelor franchises return.

  5. When SNT was first mooted, I thought it would be regular Tonight Show, with interviews and a bit of fun thrown in. Instead we get howling and shrieking, stupid games, prizes, and two over-exposed hosts. How about something a little more sedate and serious, a la US Tonight shows.

    It might be a bit back to the future, but I, for one, am fed up with all these reality type shows being dished up ad nauseum. And SNT just adds to the chaos.

    Thanks goodness for the ABC and SBS, where sanity prevails.

      1. Guess so. A performance or two of their new material would surely have been logical then.
        A house band or a selection of different bands/singers each week might help to make the show more interesting in general.

  6. Sadly Sunday NIght Takeaway is pretty awful overall.
    Have persevered through 2 eps now, but unfortunately it’s not getting any better.
    I normally like Julia and Chris but not here.
    A few bright spots, such as Julia and Chris doing the payback Celeb Jungle challenges last week.
    That was quite fun to watch.
    But downright moronic in parts – Beau Ryan’s pie eating challenge to people in the street was downright cringeworthy. Too much hysterical shouting and yelling and I’m not in the slightest interested in seeing someone win some boring prizes every week.
    Definitely much more of a fill-in early Saturday night sort of show..

  7. Anyone else notice the full page ads channel 10 had for SNT that popped up on news.com.au over the weekend? Was really annoying and didn’t fully disappear even when you clicked “x”. News.com is the 11th most visited site in Aus so if it was popping up whenever someone went to the site it clearly didn’t help ?

  8. I watched Hughsey but what’s the point ? It’s all about contrived junk ” problems” that are never really sorted anyway. Was there one real problem on air or was it all a publicity fest for fame hungry B grade wannabes ?
    The nude Instagramer with some fake ” problem ” wanting to get her partner to strip down and play tennis ? What a load of cobblers… An excuse for a brief breast shot and smutty jokes.
    And Jessica Rowe is given 10 minutes free airtime to promote her clothing line that nobody seems to want ?
    I thought the initial ” problem ” was her messy closet ?
    This show has no idea and really no reason to be on air.
    It’s a total waste of space and deserves half the numbers it is getting, the content is crap.
    TEN programmers, your time is well and truly up !

    1. It’s more of a comedy than sorting problems. Looks like people these days rather watch MKR and MaFS and they wonder why bullying etc is getting more common these days. People need to lighten up a bit.

  9. SNT got 4000 more viewers than Insiders. I therefore propose “Sunday Night Insiders” with Barrie Cassidy and Ten regular “Screamin” Christopher Pyne with the amazing “Dodge The Question” dancers!

  10. It amazes me that Ch 9 wins the first 3 weeks of the ratings year for the first time in who knows how many years, and there is barely any credit given anywhere on this site.
    New Amsterdam is the only commercial TV show we have watched this year yet the bias against 9 is endemic IMHO.

    1. I’d strongly suggest you have missed the stories. I noted first week of ratings win was first in a decade (two weeks ago). I’ve filed on Nine’s three weeks of wins each week, most recently as yesterday. This story is about 1 night and there have been excessive references to MAFS wins.

    2. Hit the News TAb on the menus and look over the last 3 weeks for these headlines (in no paticular order).

      MKR lifts but Nine in easy Tuesday win
      MAFS doubles MKR, quadruples Sunday Night Takeaway.
      MAFS, daylight and the chocolate factory on SBS.
      MAFS, Travel Guides hit season highs.
      Nine wins first week of 2019 ratings -just.
      Third win for Nine, ABC beats 10 every night of the week.
      MAFS, daylight and the chocolate factory on SBS.
      Nine too strong on Monday.
      Nine wins second ratings week.

      I could keep going however would likley run out of character space.

    3. Perhaps you should take a moment and do a bit of searching on the site, prior to making such a strong comment. I can’t think of a site that is as even-handed as this one, highlighting all channels’ ups and downs. I find it peculiar that Nine’s MAFS will probably be the biggest non-sport program of the year, and yet you’re not happy with the coverage. Are you connected to Nine Entertainment Co. in some way?

  11. I thought SNT was decent last night with some funny moments (the Bachelor couple) and Chris and Julia were a bit less try hard which worked well. I hope 10 stick with it but seems unlikely. I would watch it on a Saturday night for sure.

    1. I managed to see 5 minutes and Julia was running all over the screen and in front of a plane. It seemed like the takeaway was prizes for people to win, not sure what the main premise is, but it did not appeal.

    2. I agree, SNT was far better last night. Last week I was 100% sure what the show was about. I enjoyed quite a few of the segments last night such as Stop thats mine and the one at the start in the movies.

  12. 10 should have not over used the team from the Living Room and brought that show back in January to at least get it’s regular consistent Friday night ratings to help lift the week. It should also swiftly get Shark Tank back into production rather than resting it for this year. Julia Morris just has to go away for a while. I also have no idea what is happening on 11, first it was 2.5 men 3 eps nightly from 7pm, now it seems to be on after 7:30pm with Raymond back in at 7pm, then later in the week Rules of Engagement. There is no consistency with that channel, and the programming is focused on 90’s and early 2000’s reruns.

  13. It was better than last week.
    But it needs to move to Saturday night, where there is no big competition like MAFS MKR and such,
    It needs to have a live band, and standup comedian each week for a wider variety of entertainment, and it needs to be a bit earlier to be even more family friendly.

    1. I see your point, effdee, but in a few weeks Saturday nights will belong to football. I think this show may gain some momentum, as people are desperate for an alternative to 7 and 9, but they need some big name guests who are well-liked, not polarising ones like sports commentators.

  14. 10 set a precedent by swiftly bumping and then axing (or on hiatus?) Changing Rooms just the other week after similar ratings to Takeaway last night, Changing Rooms even had one higher over 300k.

    So if 10 keep Takeaway and it continues on sub-300k or worse then Nat Bass and media will rightly have a case to highlight this.

    Though another view point it 10 don’t have a program depth like say Seven, so if they bump or axe another show, is the cupboard bare? What will they replace?

    I am gobsmacked, sadened and angry all at the same time at Network 10.

    1. So, in essence, what you are saying is that Ten have to take their finger off the bump/axe button and give all their shows a chance. I agree. Judging on one or two weeks is self-defeating.

  15. The numbers will come for 10. Doesn’t have a strong enough led-in, so many people would switch over to MAFS after it. I think out of 10’s ‘light-entertainment, game’ shows (ex: Game of Games, Cram, Show Me The Movie.). This by far has the most potential. It is great to have a variety show on telly.

  16. Feel sorry for Ten. Clearly many hardworking people put many months of effort into Takeaway and to say it’s failed to fire is an understatement. Last nights episode was better, more pacy which was great. On another note last week Julia and Chris stated that Steve Price and Ray Martin were to be part of last night’s episode but neither were to be seen. I’m guessing either plans were changed last minute or someone muddled the order of episodes. Was looking forward to seeing Pricey get pranked or whatever else they had in store for him.

  17. I watched Sunday Take Away again last night and thought it was better than last weeks show. It has been tweaked in places, and Julia seemed more comfortable in a dress, rather than a tux.

  18. Before axing Sunday Night Takeaway, at the very least, the network should consider moving The Project to a 6-7pm timeslot on Sunday which would then allow SNT to start at 7pm, along with all the other big shows of the night. It would stop those shows from getting the 30 min head start they currently have.

    1. I think that should be for all nights not just Sunday. When had BIg Brother it’s was starting things from 7pm. Give up on Pointless and move The Project to 6pm but tweak that show was well to 3 presenters as 4 is to much.

  19. apart from anything else, i think part of the problem is Julia & Chris overload having this on straight after I’m a Celebrity.
    I tried to watch it but like most Ten light entertainment shows its just too try hard & shouty (eg Game of Games, Show Me Movie) Like calm down for god’s sake, It doesn’t have to be people screaming & carrying on like pork chops to be entertainment does it??

    1. Yes I think starting later in the year might have been better as well for that reason and also the fact competition might not have been quite as tough. If it had gone up against say Family Food Fight or Bride and Prejudice surely it would’ve done at least a little better. Meanwhile Rove may perform better getting a head start on the AFL (and NRL) rather than premiering right at the crux of the season.

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