Takeaway, Sunday Night both low, Nine wins the night.

Ratings: With a long weekend in Melbourne, numbers were generally down across the board.

With a long weekend in Melbourne, numbers were generally down across the board.

Married at First Sight was #1 and topped the demos at 1.28m viewers, albeit lower than last week’s 1.45m. It was still well in front of My Kitchen Rules at 732,000 up by 16,000.

The Crown and Us was third in its slot from 438,000 from 7:40pm then Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway on 259,000, its lowest figure so far.

Nine won the night with 36.3% then Seven 27.4%, ABC 18.3%, 10 11.8% and SBS 6.3%.

Nine News drew 807,000 viewers followed by 60 Minutes (705,000) and Abused by my Girlfriend (356,000).

Seven News won its slot at 875,000 viewers. Sunday Night was low at 429,000 viewers landing third in its slot, then a repeat of Undercurrent on (200,000).

ABC News (640,000) was best for ABC then Vera (605,000).

The Sunday Project led for 10 at 278,000 / 173,000. Hughesy We Have a Problem pulled 222,000 and 10 News First was 207,000. NCIS was just 153,000 and Bondi Rescue drew 122,000.

On SBS it was London’s Super Tunnel (204,000), SBS World News (148,000), Jane Goodall: My Life with Chimpanzees was 105,000.

A Harry Potter movie on 7mate pulled 151,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 10 March 2019.

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  1. My opinion on this is that SNT needs a music guests and more high profile guests to give people a bigger reason to watch, the format is ok but up against the juggernaut that is MAFS it needs more.

  2. Hopefully the Grand Prix lead in may give Takeaway a bit of a boost next week. Agree Ron Moss was an odd choice some of the performers seem to appeal to older audiences as well. Need a bit more banter back to the hosts from the announcer, Shane Warne managed that in week 1. Also where was Chris V Julia last night? Thought it was a weekly segment.

  3. I’m worried for Sunday Night Takeaway with those numbers.

    A typical Saturday Night Takeaway series in the UK lasts 6 or 7 episodes.
    I fear Channel 10 will give Sunday Night Takeaway the chop even before that point. And that would be a sad situation on Australian TV. I am referring to MAFS and MKR beating a (mostly) Live* TV variety show to the point of cancellation.

    *As I am living in SA, we are half a hour delayed here. A flaw in SNT is ‘Couch Watch’ will never get outside of same time eastern states.

  4. Also a long weekend in Adelaide too for the Adelaide Cup today. A very forgettable holiday, even I forgot until last Monday.
    Unless SNT is trying to attracted the over 60s then Ron Moss was a poor decision for this weeks international guest.
    Was nothing of interest last night on TV for me so ended up watching The Incredibles 2 on GooglePlay. Might watch last week’s Ambulance later today.

  5. Those 10 figures are more like SBS figures.

    After being away two weekends, I finally got the chance to see some of Sunday Night Take Away, as there was nothing else I wanted to leave on. To me the biggest problem with the show other than being way too long is excessive sponsorship. And just to clarify, it was left on in the background while talking to fmaily, not a show I would ever chose to sit and watch at all.

  6. What planet are the producers on that they think that bringing in an ex-soap actor is going to attract viewers to a show in primetime in this day and age? Studio 10, sure, but 7.30pm Sunday? Ronn Moss hardly gets any airtime in his homeland since leaving Bold, so he’s hardly a hot property.

    And seeing the same old faces on every panel show on 10 is exhausting, particularly Dave Hughes, Peter Helliar, and most of the Project/Roving group, who strike me as far too “common” (for lack of a better word) for television, and lack the wit and insight to engage a broader range of eyeballs. Frankly, I think the figures speak for themselves, but 10, inexplicably, keeps giving these guys work.

    1. That same old bunch of faces are what dragged Rove’s ratings down in the end. Only now they are all.older. When there’s a group of comedians on the one show (including The Project) they compete for who has the smartest glib one liner. We never get intelligent discussion. Thats great for HYBPA but not every Ten show.

      1. Screwball antics on HYBPA is fine, but it is impossible to take shows like The Project and Studio 10 seriously as there is an absence of intelligent balanced discussion taking place in respect to any social/cultural/moral issue, regardless of its complexity. The recent fiasco with KAK being labelled “racist” (and Dr Peterson’s wasted stint on Q&A 2 weeks ago) epitomises the complete lack of maturity from certain types of people who resort to name-calling and/or platitudinous (often internet-derived) rhetoric to discredit others like petulant children rather than putting their own considered viewpoint (if they even have one) across.

        There bloody well ought to be some educated opinions if presenters are going to editorialise, as opposed to the inane ramblings of silver-spooned politicians, journalism graduates, and comedians who laugh harder at their own jokes than anybody else.

    1. Yes,those numbers in prime time are not sustainable especially when C&J stuff up the
      1 min. quiz. I noticed Chris said “see you next week” without too much conviction.

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