Update: Sunday Night Takeaway

Just a note to confirm that Sunday Night Takeaway will return to 7:30pm this Sunday and beyond.

Last weekend was a one-off on the back of the Australian Grand Prix.

Despite The Project, Sunday Night Takeaway and Hughesy We Have a Problem all enjoying a boost, 10 sources told TV Tonight moving The Project permanently is a much bigger deal.

6pm Bondi Rescue rpt
6:30pm The Project
7:30pm Sunday Night Takeaway 
9pm Hughesy We Have a Problem


  1. Correct me if im wrong. But the 2 schedules of EPG i checked have new hughesy on Saturday 8:30 Eleven with the Sunday, Monday and Thursday episodes all showing Encore.

  2. I Think that keeping the Project at 6pm Sundays Will help 10 perform better. HWHAP lifted from 222,000 to 294,000 Last Sunday which is a good result.

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