What I’ve Been Watching: Brooke Satchwell

Brooke Satchwell is a fan of Patriot, Roma, Succession, Luther & The Good Place.

Show Me the Movie‘s Brooke Satchwell is a fan of Patriot, Roma, Succession, Luther and The Good Place.

Here’s what else is on her watch list.

1. What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
For me personally, the ‘To see’ list is starting to stack up due to very busy few months – Roma is high on the list and I have a couple of episodes of Succession, Black Earth Rising and Ozark under my belt.. barely a dent. I’m looking forward to new seasons of Fleabag, Luther and Patriot. In terms of my ‘Top Recommendations’ – Patriot (Prime Video), Killing Eve (Iview) and Counterpart (SBS On demand) are up there.

2. What’s your preferred genre to watch and which shows are current highlights?
I love a political/crime thriller – a la The Honourable Woman and The Night Of, though a great comedy is always welcome. My partner introduced me to The Good Place, I have a fair bit to catch up on.However it is the combination of these two genres that makes me love and champion Patriot – starring our very own Michael Dorman. Created, produced and directed by Stephen Conrad (who also stars) and Gil Bellows (of Ally McBeal fame… curiously), it walks a magnificent line of relentless and critical international espionage, deep humanity and off the wall whimsical humour. Patriot is a fresh and brilliant take on father/son relations and the ever expanding support cast are pure gold in their own right. Dark and light in all the right places.

3. Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
Great British Railway Journeys. Who knew I had an interest in ‘ferroequinology’? The anthropological reasoning behind the expansion and contraction of railway networks is fascinating. Hindsight is truly 20:20.

4. When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must- haves?’ 
My viewing dining menu is fairly committed to having a well balanced ‘salty/ sweet’ ratio. Lately Hawaiian pizza and Serendipity’s Hokey Pokey ice cream have been serving a treat. Washed down with chilled soda stream. Historically the status quo is Black & Greens milk chocolate and Chicken Twisties. That said, if you put a cheese board and some hot salami on the coffee table….

5. What show you would secretly love to appear on?
Since I’ve given it such a wrap – of course the dark and bent world of Patriot would be wild to play in – especially if I got a twisted butt kicking spy role. I’d actually love to just observe on set as they create the series, truth be told. The international filming locations of Prague, Chicago, Montreal and Paris would be a sweet perk. I’m also a great fan of Shameless so to have a chance to take a sledge hammer to all boundaries of decency – that would be quite fun.

6. What kind of movies are you an expert at and what can we look forward to in Show Me the Movie?
Courtesy of weekly Blockbuster deals – my mid eighties / early nineties film game is strong. I’m also hoping that by sheer viewing count – I won’t embarrass myself when it comes to Indiana Jones.

Show Me the Movie airs 7:30pm Thursdays on 10.

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  1. I keep hearing many excellent things about Patriot. Rewatching Line of Duty, in preparation for the imminent S5 atm. Between new seasons of Killing Eve, Bosch and Game of Thrones, I’ll try squeezing Patriot in.

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