Airdate: The Twilight Zone

Updated: Sci-fi reboot gets an Aussie premiere on 10 with the season at 10 All Access.


Updated: The premiere of The Twilight Zone reboot, will be on 10’s primary channel later this month.

10 has now confirmed all remaining episodes will be available at 10 All Access with the first four episodes from Friday, 19 April. Further episodes will be available to stream each Friday.

The Jordan Peele reboot, which has drawn mixed reviews for CBS All Access, has just launched in the US but its Australian debut had not been confirmed until now.

10:30pm Thursday April 18 on 10.
Friday April 19 on 10 All Access.

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  1. 10:30 is dud scheduling… 10 must be insane to have a high-profile U.S show which is a reboot of a truely iconic series and put it at 10:30. Maybe they should fast track on 10 All Access and then air on 10 beginning April 18, which would be around 4 episodes behind the US

    1. In the past I thought it was crazy to put American Horror Story onto ELEVEN and not the primary channel but the numbers were not that flash for it. Even X-Factor revival started ok and quickly fell away. Sci-fi gets a lot of love online but it is sill fairly niche in the scheme of things. Maybe they are reading the signs on so-so reviews.

  2. 10.30pm?! 10 are well and truly bonkers.

    It’s not as if their schedule is full of blockbuster hits that it wouldn’t at least be worth giving it a shot in a better timeslot. Even 200,000 is ahead of what NCIS, NCIS:LA, and SVU are pulling these days. Absolute madness at 10 HQ.

  3. Rare to see a hard science fiction show getting a free to air premiere but most welcome. I think it would sit better around 8.30am but beggars cannot be choosers I suppose.

    Now, where is Ten’s local science fiction drama slate? Or would that just be dreaming?

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