MAFS proposal tops Nine’s Sunday

Married at First Sight momentarily turned into The Bachelor last night as Cam got on bended knee and proposed to Jules, for real (and she said yes).

If it comes to pass after the reality bubble subsides it will be the first real marriage in the show’s six seasons (Season 1’s Zoe & Alex had a baby but never married, while Season 2’s Erin & Bryce remain a couple).

The show drew 1.49m viewers, down by 200,000 on last week but still topping the demos for Nine.

My Kitchen Rules was second in its slot at 800,000, up on last week with Restoration Australia third from 7:40pm at 498,000.

Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway hit a new low at a dismal 218,000 viewers.

Nine network blitzed Sunday with a 39.0% share then Seven 28.4%, ABC 15.6%, 10 10.1% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News pulled 971,000 for Nine then 60 Minutes 842,000 and Australian Crime Stories (336,000).

Seven News won its slots with 1.11m viewers for Seven then Sunday Night (472,000) and The Babes in the Woods Murder just 218,000.

ABC News was 638,000 and a Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala was 376,000. Ask the Doctor was 150,000.

All of 10 shows were under 300,000 viewers with The Sunday Project at 293,000 / 228,000 and Hughesy We Have a Problem on 219,000. 10 News First was 191,000 (it should be adjusted to 244,000).  Bondi Rescue drew 160,000 and NCIS was just 143,000.

On SBS it was The Five Billion Pound Super Sewer at 153,000 then SBS World News (133,000) and Scientology: Going Clear (131,000).

A 7mate Harry Potter movie topped multichannels at 179,000. Is that even on brand?

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday March 31 2019


  1. In excess of 500k viewers (combined 7 and Fox) for the AFLW must be a great result in a hard time slot and considering it was up against an AFL game. Imagine the numbers they would have received if it was a night game without AFL competition…

  2. Dave, Would I be correct in assuming this to be one of Nine’s best results in years when you consider they’d usually struggle to even win a week in the first quarter?

    Wonder if they can keep winning weeks as often once MAFS ends…

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Maybe those missing MAFS folk were sitting in a theatre somewhere, watching on the big screen…?!….
    I watched SNT and enjoyed it….but yep..a bit taken aback with Julia’s inner thigh slap…what was that?

  4. As long as MAFS (the ultimate Twitter show) is on then nothing new is going to get a foothold in any S-W evening slot. I expect Sunday night takeaway to improve in a few weeks – unless this heavily promote Lego show is the new hotness!

  5. I like SNT but also think they should concentrate more on people who are actually watching the show or even more in the audience. The Bingo lady was too long and a bit of a failure when the Son showed up. The poor lady was so overwhelmed by the whole exercise she most probably just wanted to stay at Bingo. The segment with the grandma doing things the family didn’t know about went too long and wasn’t really funny. Julia slapping her thighs was just, ummmmm words fail me !! I like the part where they give away the trips to unsuspecting people in the audience. My heart was breaking for a couple of the young boys who won ! I hope they can get it right cause I really like having a laugh !

  6. The fact that so much of the show feels like an advertorial is especially tacky, given that it’s in a prime Sunday night slot. In passing, I noticed last week that there was a McDonald’s sponsored segment where people were dunking giant novelty nuggets into giant novelty sauce. Come on. There was also about a minute or two of non-stop sponsor announcements (yawn), which, if the programme had been ad-free, would have been a fair trade-off, but to be subjected to ad breaks plus ads within the programme itself. It could have been a lot worse than what I had seen as I had only witnessed this all in passing.

    If SNT had been utilised as a platform for showcasing international celebrity guests (as we only have the current affairs programmes and The Project filling that gap) and Hey Hey style shenanigans, sure, but in its current state, it is no wonder the figures are so pathetic.

  7. The problem I’m finding with SNT is it’s only interesting for the family or person chosen for the challenges and games. As a viewer we have no idea who these people are and care even less. They keep going to locations like cinemas and bingo halls where people aren’t watching the show in the first place or asking people to leave their TV’s to go and win a Happy Meal. Maybe they should encourage people to stay home and watch the show instead. Have the crew rock up unexpected live to a viewers home. Seem pretty simple to fix

    • It’s really lacking the element for the viewer that if I stay home and watch the show it could be me that wins the prizes. The segment where you win the ads is a prime example where Beau Ryan should rock up unexpectedly to a viewers home with a proper crew so Chris and Julia can interact with the lucky home viewer. Make the viewers feel more a part of the show than just a low quality skype camera with people sitting stunned on their couches so lagged that the cross to them is over before they realise.

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