MKR wins timeslot for the first time this year

Ratings: Front Bar thrashes Footy Show, 10 Bold pulls its biggest share in 2019.

With none of that other juggernaut in sight My Kitchen Rules finally has its first timeslot win this year at 916,000. That was a big lift on last Wednesday’s 732,000. It also topped the demos.

Hard Quiz was also up at 728,000 as was 7:30 on 657,000.

Bondi Rescue also rose to 399,000 / 391,000. Nine had various factuals in differing cities but combined they managed third overall in the slot.

By 8:40pm Nine’s audience had dropped dramatically, with staggered shows across its schedule. The Footy Show amassed to just 160,000 viewers (including its late night playout in Sydney & Brisbane), which was doubled by The Front Bar‘s 378,000. In Melbourne Seven’s 263,000 thrashed Nine’s 92,000.

Christians Like Us debut on SBS was modest at 178,000 down compared to Muslims Like Us in 2018 on 206,000.

10 Bold pulled its biggest audience of the year with a 5.1% share thanks to NCIS repeats -higher than SBS’ primary channel.

Seven network won Wednesday with 34.3% then Nine 24.0%, ABC 18.8%, 10 16.0% and SBS 6.9%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.02m / 974,000 for Seven. Home & Away (724,000), The Chase (511,000 / 331,000), Modern Family (278,000 / 166,000) and First Dates UK (37,000 in 2 cities).

Nine News was best for Nine at 896,000 / 868,000 then A Current Affair (776,000), Hot Seat (486,000 / 283,000). There were various shows in select cities including RBT (278,000), Paramedics (258,000), New Amsterdam (162,000 / 132,000) and Lethal Weapon (51,000).

ABC News was 683,000 for ABC, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering was 610,000 then You Can’t Ask That (433,000), QI (253,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (189,000) and The Drum (187,000).

The Project drew 391,000 / 229,000 then 10 News First (349,000), Law & Order: SVU (208,000 / 182,000) and Pointless (199,000). Sports Tonight was just 69,000.

Great British Railway Journeys (184,000), Gourmet Farmer (161,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (147,000) and SBS World News (126,000) comprised SBS’ other shows.

Bluey was again best on multichannels at 189,000.

Sunrise: 287,000
Today: 202,000
News Breakfast: 108,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 April 2019

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  1. I’ve no doubt this is due to them turning up the drama on the MKR in the last week (plus lack of competition on Thurs nights, it rated well on Wed too though) A few weeks ago i would’ve said there’s not much chance of a season 11 but now….As far as it being taken seriously as an actual cooking show, i wouldn’t think being sponsored by KFC helps!

  2. New Amsterdam…I like this ..but watched half heartedly last night….2nd screen…I had reminder set for 9PM…but it started around 8.30PM and I know I have missed episodes…I guess doubles?…not way to lose viewers 7…

    1. I love new Amsterdam too, but when what time did it screen on Wednesday night??? I know it was on Thursday night, but this story relates to the Wednesday night ratings doesn’t it???

  3. I watched the beginning of the footy show last night before the front bar started. I didn’t mind it at all. I thought Dylan made sense with things he said, Fev is good Lehmo hosts it well and Nez knows her footy. I don’t miss Sam and his rants at all.

    But turned over to the front bar and just laughed my way through it.

  4. NCIS: Australia Should go into production. Would probably attract over 1 Million viewers And would be a star program for 10 to create. Would give 10 bigger ratings and gain a lot of interest.

    1. I’m not into AFL but whenever I see Caroline Wilson on Footy Classified she has a way of drawing me in. This week FC outranked TFS in Melbourne, maybe it will be national next week. It appears Nine wanted one last roll of TFS brand.

  5. Said once or twice but Ten could have a 4th Multichannel just for C&I shows. They have the stock from CBS and past Aussie shows. Could get WIN involved with their catalogue on Crawford shows.

    1. Yep and once contracts come around again they can even pickup the SVU’s off 9GEM and the original Law And Order if GEM still have it, after all BOLD got a 5.1% last night off the back of the NCIS’s. If they got some of those Crawford shows that’d be fantastic, the old Homicide’s have an M rating on DVD but still could fit in Midday to 3pm if they wanted and 7:30pm is open for that now as well.

    2. WIN is keeping their Crawford library all to themselves. Making too much from their DVD sales. Past Aussie shows seem to be held by the production companies. e.g. Matlock, The Box, Solo One, Homicide, Div. 4, Flying Doctors, The Sullivans, Cop Shop etc. by Crawfords, Young Doctors, Rush, Water Rats etc. by Grundy/Fremantle and by Southern Star/Endemol/Shine – not by the network that aired them.

      1. I don’t think modern audiences would find the 60s/70s/early 80s stuff making much sense-the basic production values, constant foot chases around a run down looking inner city Melbourne and the same actors reappearing as different characters in different eps (the pool wasn’t all that big back then) to name but a few challenges.

  6. The Front Bar was so funny last night, especially the way they kept paying out on MKR running longer and them being on later. Things like I don’t know how Manu can do it all in 1 and half hours, so it was really good of Seven to give him 15 minutes more and lucky we’re on later because of MKR or we wouldn’t have been able to show that footage.

    Kudos to all at The Front Bar.

  7. Nine – just pull the pin on the Footy Show. It’s not going to recover. Think about putting Game Day into prime time towards the finals.
    Watching these numbers are just too sad. I doubt Nine will continue on the way it did with the NRL FS on low numbers all year. If they axe it now, and possible do the specials with Eddie and Sam three times through the season, they will give hope to better numbers for those.

    1. I’m inclined to agree, I kind of get whey they persisted with the NRL version given they broadcast that sport, but given they don’t broadcast AFL and aren’t likely to anytime in the coming years I don’t get why they persist with an AFL related show.

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