Oops. Not a TV first on DWTS.

Sorry Sharna, but Shane Jenek and Josh Keefe dancing together last night was not a TV first…

Jenek, better known as Courtney Act, danced out of drag and lit up the floor.

Judge Sharna Burgess even said, “This is a first for television here, to have 2 men dancing together.”

While it is a first for Australia’s Dancing with the Stars it isn’t for Australian television.

That honour goes to Adam Francis and Alexander Bryan on ABC’s Strictly Dancing who I interviewed back in 2005. It was a mild controversy at the time, but mainly for those who weren’t watching the show. Viewers got behind them, as did ABC, and they finished second in the Grand Final.

Courtney Act does have the honour of being the first drag contestant on DWTS worldwide, and more power to her. Last night she again wowed the judges finishing on the top of the leaderboard.

ps. welcome back to TV’s Grant Denyer.


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