Renewed: The Twilight Zone

Rebooted US sci-fi The Twilight Zone has been renewed by CBS All Access.

The series by Jordan Peele is a new take on the Rod Serling classic anthology.

The news comes 5 episodes after its debut, although an episode count is not confirmed.

“Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg’s reimagining of The Twilight Zone is off to an amazing start on CBS All Access, driving the most viewers on its premiere day for an original series to date,” said Julie McNamara, executive vice-president of original content for the streaming service. “Jordan, Simon, the creative team and cast have done a phenomenal job translating the series’ legacy of socially conscious storytelling for modern-day audiences. They are master storytellers, and we look forward to bringing fans further into The Twilight Zone with a second season.”

The Twilight Zone airs in Australia through 10 All Access.


  1. The episode about the ‘all white people are racists, but let’s just use Police as an example’ was total rubbish.

    The episode about the Travaller was incomprehensible and ridiculous.

    You’d think that with the amount of money and time they had to develop this show each ep would have been excellent.

    So fat the first ep about the comedian was pretty good.

  2. I don’t recall any word on how the premiere episode rated on 10. Would you happen to have those figures, David?

    It’s baffling to me that I have been seeing marketing for this everywhere and it isn’t even being broadcast on FTA. I can’t imagine audiences flocking over to 10 All Access with their FTA audience share being as low as it is at the moment, and with rival services offering so much more choice (and quality) for so little. It would be interesting to know if 10 All Access has been a successful endeavour for 10.

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