10 denies Celebrity Name Game violation

Network 10 has denied any wrongdoing after a former 10 employee won $10,000 in the first episode of Celebrity Name Game.

Former Studio 10 producer Rob McKnight wrote on his TV Blackbox blog that Andrew Logue, who won with his teammate Ben, had worked at the network as recently as last November. He accused 10 of breaching their own terms and conditions for the show.

Logue worked as a guest greeter for Studio 10 for three years before moving to The Living Room. According to the Terms & Conditions:

“Neither We nor any member of Our immediate families or anyone living in Our households are or have been within the last two (2) years an employee, officer, ­director or agent of any of the following:

(a) Network Ten (Broadcaster), its affiliated entities, or any television station owned and operated by the Broadcaster or Ten Network Holdings Ltd; or (b) the Producer or any of its associated entities.”

“There is some misinformation circulating regarding Celebrity Name Game,” a spokesman told the Daily Telegraph. “All is above board and fits with the Terms and Conditions of the show.

“Both the network and the producers are entirely comfortable with the contestant’s participation.”


  1. I watched this and really enjoyed it. I don’t know if it will last in the 6pm time slot every weeknight. I feel like it’s more of a once a week sit down for a laugh kinda show.

    I remember thinking at the end how it seemed odd (but not uncommon) for the top prize to be one on the first show. but I did question as to whether it was rigged, I wondered if 10 had staged the first episode to make it a winner for the time slot given the previous show failed. the brothers seemed more relaxed and seemed to be very comfortable on the show. the girls even seemed very relaxed and energised.

    The show left me feeling like it was more of a well written, well rehearsed drama than a game show.

    • I think u will find they prob more selected this episode as the first to showcase a winner , not being the first episode they filmed , just the first screened . How can the terms not be violated when it looks pretty clear in black and white that it was ??

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