ABC wins election coverage, Seven takes another week.

Last week Nine led in primary channels, thanks principally due to the Lego Masters finale, but Seven’s multichannels helped it take the week.

While Seven won the 16-39 demo, Nine scored 25-54 in network share.

ABC’s coverage of the Federal Election helped it win Saturday night. Eurovision was also good for SBS weekly share.

Seven: 28.4
Nine: 27.3
ABC: 20.1
10: 16.8
SBS: 7.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 19.9
Seven: 18.5
ABC: 13.9
10: 11.1
SBS: 5.2

7mate: 4.5
10 BOLD: 3.6
ABC News / 7TWO / 9GO: 3.1
ABC Kids Comedy: 2.5
9GEM: 2.4
10 Peach: 2.2
9Life: 1.9
7flix: 1.8
SBS Food: 0.9
7food / ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.2

Best brands last week were:

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.03m), House Rules (706,000), The Chase (602,000) and Sunday Night (601,000).

Nine: Lego Masters (Winner announced: 1.48m), Nine News (Sun: 1.01m), A Current Affair (735,000) and The Big Bang Theory (661,000).

ABC: Australia Votes: Election Results Live (940,000), ABC News (681,000), The Drum (Australia Votes: 657,000) and Australian Story (584,000).

10: Have You Been Paying Attention? (786,000), MasterChef Australia (Wed: 644,000), Five Bedrooms (503,000) and The Project (7pm: 459,000).

SBS: Who Do You Think You Are? (336,000), Insight (285,000), Eurovision Song Contest (Semi Final 2 Eve: 237,000) and The Flying Scotsman (235,000).

Seven won Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Nine won Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. ABC won Saturday.

Seven again led in AFL cities Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth, while Nine dominated in NRL cities Sydney & Brisbane.


  1. I mostly watched the ABC, my what a big desk, but always insightful. I was surprised by 10’s coverage, better than I expected, but then again I didn’t see too much. I don’t know why, but 9’s coverage always puts me off and I can’t stand it for more than 5 minutes, I think it is the way they try to turn it into a sporting event. Channel 7 – mehh!

  2. Apparently 10 called the election win for the coalition before Antony Green. Take this with a grain of salt though – my source is Twitter

  3. No one saw Paul Murray and Laura Jayes From Sky “News” at the liberal room when it was evident LNP were going to win gushing and nearly hyper ventilating now that was bias

    • Two points, first and most important, Paul Murray is not being paid to be impartial and if you ever listen to him for 5 minutes he will tell you that. Second, Laura Jaye is anything but biased towards the Government, if anything she is very much left leaning. If she was gushing it would have been because of the surprise of the result, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Without the backdrop of the former National Tally Room, the broadcasts lacked the vibe and atmosphere that had been prevalent in previous federal elections. There was more focus on the high profile electorates when there could have been a focus on all electorates, with many results from many electorates not being displayed or analysed.

    Antony Green’s unbiased insight was very good. Waleed Aly’s and Peter van Onselen’s biased false predictions were widely criticised on social media.

  5. I loved channel surfing the election coverage, watching most hosts and political commentators trying to act neutral, but actually wanting to choke on their water as the hopes of those representing their true political ideology went south.

  6. ABC is still very bias regardless,just watch Insiders yesterday it seems Barry Cassidy was taking the loss personally and very agitated towards the treasurer

    • I think you’ll find Barrie was very tired, having been up very late on the ABC election coverage. Secondly, Frydenbergs reluctance to stick to the point, and general arrogance, not to mention that smarmy grin, would be enough to aggravate most people.

      • jezza the first original one

        I watched Insiders, I thought Barry was ok and Josh was just happy/relieved with retaining his seat and the overall win. The inquest was a bit over analytical, Bill Shorten (or BS to the non converts) was the biggest problem for the ALP. Still it wasn’t all bad for the lefties, Tony Abbott has gone which is also a blessing for ScoMo tbh. Finally the best bit of news that I read, the departure of Fraser Anning…I hope its true.

  7. The ABC’s coverage is always the go to because it is so good. It is not full of egomaniacs you know what’s going on and Antony Green is brilliant.

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