Australian Story: May 13

Ahead of Eurovision, Monday’s Australian Story profiles the wondrous, Kate Miller-Heidke.

This episode is introduced by musician Ben Folds.

On the eve of Eurovision, Kate Miller-Heidke opens up to Australian Story about the private pain behind the very personal song she is performing.

In what is a candid insight into one of the world’s leading ‘vocal gymnasts’, the singer reveals the full extent of the challenges of first-time motherhood and how she overcame her struggles.

Inspired by the experience, she wrote a song, Zero Gravity, which she will perform at the Eurovision semi-finals in Tel Aviv on Wednesday 15 May.

“Ultimately if I’m honest with myself, I’m an artist because I’m trying to work out what the hell’s wrong with me,” Miller-Heidke tells Australian Story. “That’s why I do end up sort of dragging out my little bits of shame and examining them in the light.”

Australia’s Eurovision creative director Paul Clarke says, “I just remember hearing that song and going, ‘Oh my god, this could win. Like this could actually win the competition.’”

The stakes are high and over 200 million people are expected to be watching. But despite the pomp and ceremony, Miller-Heidke is more concerned about surviving the time away from her young son.

Out of the Box features interviews with family, friends, and music legends Tina Arena and Ben Folds.

Monday, May 13 at 8pm on ABC.

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