BBC to launch Tonight With Vladimir Putin (with apologies to David Tench)

BBC goes for a format Australia did over a decade ago.

I’ve always said David Tench Tonight was ahead of its time….

The BBC is to launch a chat show Tonight With Vladimir Putin hosted by an animated Vladimir Putin.

The show is described as a semi-scripted comedy chat-show and “in a television first, ground-breaking live VFX, created using performance capture technology, developed by creative studio Framestore, enables a 3D digital cartoon of Putin to walk around and sit behind the desk, interviewing real human guests in front of a studio audience, all in real-time.”

David Tench Tonight was produced by Andrew Denton and screened on 10 for just 16 episodes from 2006 – 07. Drew Forsythe improvised as the animated Tench (so named after Channel Ten), with frazzled guests including Toni Collette, Jimmy Barnes, Shannon Noll, Amanda Keller, Meatloaf and Julia Gillard.


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  1. Did we really need to be reminded of the abomination that was/is David Tench?

    I never understood why they had opted for such an unappealingly grotesque character design, and this clip encapsulates the stupidity in their decision to make him “American” when the actor frequently slips into an Australian accent mid-sentence and seems to forget how to put together an American accent until the start of the next sentence (perhaps focusing on a specific American accent as opposed to trying to sound broadly American would have helped here). Also not helping is the fact that he is speaking to mostly Australian celebrities about Australian pop culture with Australian colloquialisms.

    It was a bold and promising concept that was executed really, really badly. In spite of this, I wish Australian TV would take more risks. All 10 seems to produce nowadays are panel shows with the same old…

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