• Agree 100%. Hopefully it grows into something much bigger whilst also maintaining its authenticity and not being corrupted by drama and contestant rivalry.

      • battlestargalactica

        David maybe for season 2 you could do a behind the scenes of Lego Masters? There are miniature filming techniques used on this show that are possibly a first for Aussie TV (although I’m sure borrowed from the UK format). Builds stretching over 2 days shot as a single day, blowing stuff up – there’s some interesting stuff going on with this show.

  1. Wow, Mr Black lost nearly half its viewers with its second episode. If FTA networks want some home-grown comedy hits maybe they could try looking at some new blood. Does every comedy have to be made by the same old faces? There is plenty of fresh talent out there.

    • I can’t comment on the quality of Mr Black as i haven’t watched yet, but with multiple Encores to catch up, there’s no urgency to watch first showing.
      However last night was up against the peak portion of Lego masters.

      • That’s where i think 10 is killing themselves. They have to many encores airing. But I think they way 10 look at it is, they add those figures together and then get a total viewer number for the week. In doing that the shows look strong.

        I don’t like MC on at 1pm, they need to scrap that, then hopefully more viewers would tune in at night. And put The Talk on at 1pm instead of 6am.

  2. Has 10 topped the magic million this year ? CBS must be wondering if was such a wise investment after all. Having been a devoted viewer of MasterChef I am very indifferent towards it this year. It’s just the same old same old and they will have to refresh it somehow. Lego was a big hit because it was something different.

    • MC has to overcome a small lead in show whereas Lego follows top rating news and current affairs shows. I think MC does well considering…

    • How do you explain Married At First Sight being such a big hit then? It’s the same old same old (garbage)…..

      Lego Masters would have flopped on 10.

    • I’m a celebrity premiered at 1,098,000/1,014,000 viewers and was the most watched program of the night. I think that was the one and only time so far this year 10 has actually reached 1,000,000 viewers or dare I say it, 900,000+. Also along with the winner announcement which was 894,000, the second episode of the series which was 890,000 and the eliminations of Ajay Rochester and Justine Schofield which were 793,000 and 800,000 respectively, I’m pretty sure these 5 Episodes of I’m a celebrity have been the highest ratings channel 10 has achieved since probably October/November when survivor and gogglebox last finished.

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