New roles for Peter Stefanovic, Laura Jayes, Ticky Fullarton at SKY News.

Plus more for Kieran Gilbert and a new Sunday Business programme following the demise of Your Money.

Former Weekend Today presenter Peter Stefanovic will co-anchor breakfast program First Edition with Laura Jayes on SKY News from 5am on Monday July, 1 covering politics, business, news, weather and sport.

Former Today show sports presenter Tim Gilbert and Jaynie Seal will co-anchor Saturday and Sunday Edition from Saturday 6 July.

Meanwhile AM Agenda, anchored by Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert, will expand to three hours each weekday from Monday 1 July at 9:00am AEST.

He will be joined each weekday by Political Reporter Annelise Nielsen Live from SKY’s Canberra studio in Parliament House.

Elsewhere Ticky Fullerton has been appointed to the role of SKY News Business Editor, co-hosting
a new Sunday program, Business Weekend from 11am June 2 from the SKY News Sydney Centre.

She will be joined by Leo Shanahan, Media Editor at The Australian, with new Business Reporter Chris Kohler to provide real estate highlights, including Saturday auction results.

“I’m very excited to be part of the great line-up on SKY News, bringing back top quality business news and analysis to Sunday mornings. Under the new government, and with so many important factors in play for businesses, from rates, wages and regulation, to trade and investment decisions and new leadership challenges, I don’t think there’s ever been a more important time to bring a weekly agenda setting business show to our audience,” said Ticky Fullarton.

Paul Whittaker, SKY News Chief Executive said: “SKY News has a proud history of providing expert business news and analysis to Australian viewers. We’re delighted to be adding a dedicated business program to our Sunday morning schedule, filling a currently unmet programming gap in the market.

“Hosted by Australia’s leading business anchor and broadcaster, Ticky Fullerton will steer Business Weekend each week delivering the latest business, consumer finance and real estate news.”

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  1. Mr Murray or Janine Perrett will get the Speers 4pm slot and who is Jaynie Seal is she the lady that does info commercials on the morning shows, surely they aren’t going with those as well now.

    1. Jaynie Seal has been with Sky for several years, as weather presenter and news anchor of the Headline News breakfast show Sky makes for WIN in regional Australia (WIN doesn’t air 10’s morning reruns)

  2. Interesting there is no announcement about what will happen to David Speers’ afternoon show yet. With AM Agenda expanding through to midday, that means Tom Connell’s morning show is gone – could he move to the current Speers slot?

    It is funny to read about these ex-Your Money hosts becoming Sky News hosts, considering nearly all were ex-Sky News Business hosts in the first place!

    Also David, First Edition isn’t a “new” breakfast program – it’s been on air for about 10 years or more. What a shame they didn’t get Brooke Corte back as co-host for it, but Stefanovic is arguably a much bigger name.

    1. I read that David Speers is contracted to Sky until the end of the year. So perhaps they will just wind him down over the next few months! This Stefanovic guy is very attractive looking, but I don’t know anything about him except for the gossip items in the news about him and his brother. Sad to lose such a professional as David Speers, but I always thought he had a touch of left-wing bias, so he’ll be right at home on the ABC.

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