Returning: Lucifer

Season 4 of raunchy Tom Ellis drama is now on Netflix.

Season 4 of Lucifer dropped on Netflix yesterday.

The raunchy drama starring Tom Ellis was axed by FOX but rescued by Netflix, following a fan campaign.

Bored of his life in the pits of hell, Lucifer leaves his throne to retire to the city of Los Angeles. Indulging himself into a life of debauchery and opening his own night club, his attention shifts after a murder takes place outside the nightclub. Upon meeting Detective Chloe Decker, Lucifer becomes intrigued with helping the innocents and punishing criminals for their crime. Joining the LAPD as a consultant, this is the only the beginning of Lucifer’s journey to liberate his darkened soul.

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  1. Thanks to Netflix for picking this one up. I really enjoy watching this. It’s not too taxing and Tom Ellis as Lucifer is brilliant especially when he plays against Detective Douche.

  2. Lucifer fans will be hoping Netflix will give this show a fair go after its previous near death experience when Fox was taken over by Disney, fortunately the fans were listened to for a change but I suspect that Netflix wanted Lucifer as a niche product for it’s comedy selection and Warner Bros wanted to keep their DC universe competitive with Marvel (Disney).

  3. That’s a nice little surprise. Interesting that previous broadcaster FOX8 don’t retain the broadcast rights, I seem to recall when foreign shows shift networks in the US, the local broadcaster usually remains the same for contractual reasons.

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