1. Maev....Sydney

    Who Do You Think You Are? with Casey Donovan was excellent (as has been this whole series)..
    Watching Casey connect with her aboriginal family, was very moving….
    I watch The Recording Studio on iview.

  2. How do we get people to switch off The Voice and watch The Recording Studio. Every week, I smile, I cry, I just can’t get enough of it…

  3. Celebrity Name Game seems to be doing well, having higher ratings than Pointless did. I wonder if it will last though. If it does, good on Ten. If not, maybe try Press Your Luck? The US version is getting revived soon.

    • Getting higher numbers than pointless wouldn’t be hard and is not what you want to set your benchmark at. Instead compare it to what other channels are rating at the same time.

  4. Clem_Melbourne

    Celeb Name Game is getting better numbers this week which is great news for 10. The Project also going strong at 6.30 with 313,000.

  5. The Project’s numbers seem to be lifting slightly each night. Well done. I’m also really enjoying our version of Celeb Name Game. Craig Ferguson was good but Grant is on par in my opinion. They seem to be pushing some ‘adult’ humour with their jokes as well, nice to be a bit cheeky sometimes!

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