The Front Bar hits new high for Seven

Ratings: Check shirts and check a win for Seven's AFL show, while MasterChef tops entertainment shows.

The Front Bar has drawn its best ever numbers on a winning Thursday for Seven. The show drew 512,000 viewers, of which 339,000 were in Melbourne. That was up on last week’s 464,000.

MasterChef Australia topped the entertainment shows and the demos at 680,000, also up on last Thursday.

Aside from MasterChef and ACA earlier, the night went all Seven’s way.

Seven network won Thursday with 32.6% then Nine 26.0%, 10 19.9%, ABC 15.4% and SBS 6.0%.

Seven News topped the night with 995,000 / 953,000 then Home and Away (611,000), The Chase (589,000 / 387,000), and later, Britain’s Got Talent  (451,000).

Nine News (928,000 / 883,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (697,000), Hot Seat (550,000 / 327,000) then in various cities Thursday Night NRL (360,000), RBT (258,000), Paramedics (238,000) and Kings Cross ER (168,000).

The Project drew 488,000 / 268,000 for 10 then Ambulance Australia (400,000), 10 News First (389,000), Celebrity Name Game (243,000) and Law & Order: SVU (219,000).

ABC News (653,000) was best for ABC followed by 7:30 (502,000), Escape from the City (411,000), Sammy J (291,000), Press (208,000), The Drum (181,000) and Would I Lie to You? (148,000).

On SBS it was Walking Britain’s Lost Railways (168,000), SBS World News (127,000), Mastermind (117,000) and Chimerica (101,000 / 87,000).

Bluey was best at 182,000 on multichannels once more.

The Morning Show: 126,000 / 70,000
Today Extra: 80,000 / 49,000
Studio 10: 51,000 / 45,000 / 37,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 23 May 2019

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  1. The front bar started off as a little show on the AFL website and now has grown into a prime time show. I watch it because it flows well, is funny and they have interesting guests. The hosts don’t ramble on and make outlandish statements. It just works.

    1. >> or is there another reason?

      It’s a program ‘about’ Australian Rules Football – aka AFL. The northern States don’t much care for the game, so won’t care for the show.

      Adelaide (and Perth) might care more if it was shown live, and it the show had a better connection (either through guests or panelists) to those States.

      1. I’d also go as far as saying a connection through Beer as well seeing it is Carlton focused, if people can be parochial about codes of football, then what is considered local product can also be that way.

        1. >> through Beer as well seeing it is Carlton focused

          Well, that would be because Carlton Draught is a major partner of the AFL. I don’t think The Front Bar will be changing until AFL House does.

          1. Absolutely, however I meant that it’s not just during the ad breaks it’s there for the whole running of the show, not cycling through different ads on ground like an AFL telecast, some states may see that as forcing ads on them taking away from their local product.

    1. I assumed the other way like last week. Footy show was so low, cancelling it would be more problematic for 7. Means nines new show would probably bring eyes back to that time slot.

    1. Aka .. It will still be on for months to come . But I think everybody’s attitude … Its channel 10 let’s let it slide , plays a big part with that .
      Should be fair game for all and same rules apply ..

        1. If they were going to do that 5:30pm to me would be a better option, barring traffic and train delays people are getting home around then and if they tune into watch they’d be 30 mins into it before the 6pm ones start. That then gives a no ad-break jump straight into The Project as well and could set-up their evening quite well and still puts a game show at 5pm or repeat of the night befores Neighbours (Bold then Neighbours). But hey a light entertainment game show may work up against what are both semi- intense ones in The Chase and Hot Seat, be a big ask though of a show to slot in against them.

          1. I think they should move Celebrity Name Game to 5.30pm and have 10 News First at 6.00 then the Project at 6.30. They need to start getting around 290k for Celeb Name Game.

          2. @Clem_Melbourne: Yeah I just don’t see Ten News competing well at 6pm against Seven (995,000) and Nine (998,000) and feel their 389,000 would be lower against that (The Project 6:30pm is 268,000). Plus changing The Project to 30 minutes I don’t see happening, unless they dumped it altogether (again unlikely) and start their evening shows at 7pm to get the jump on the rivals, but them 7pm didn’t work well for MKR.

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