• I put it on timer last week, went to watch it tonight missed the end as it started 8 mins late, didn’t recheck timer before hand! Deleted it, can’t be bothered now. Still typical late reality stuffs up the rest of the schedule

  1. troy_story

    It’s not often, if ever actually, that I congratulate Channel Nine (no hidden agenda in regards to them, they just generally piss me off more than the other FTA channels)… but they need to be congratulated on Lego Masters. I watched the first few eps but haven’t been able to watch the others as of yet, but I enjoyed what I saw. This had the potential in my opinion, to be a major flop… but hats off. They’ve got an unmitigated success story.

  2. Several years ago MasterChef had a shocker season and Matt is on the record as saying something to the effect, “if we’re not authentic the audience can see that and they stopped watching” when talking about his throwing the plate antics. They did that last night when they chose 2 people for the immunity challenge. I am getting very cynical but that was way too scripted for my liking. I’ve been a big fan but that was insulting to viewers.

  3. Totally agree the Recording Studio is a hidden gem love it. Only came across it accidentally last week when I was changing channels

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