1. Maev....Sydney

    Dr Karl spans all demo’s….everyone falls under his spell…not surprised…
    Recording Studio…me also….cannot watch without tissues… @ HeyJude

  2. Relating to ABC news in Sydney, it has a new set! Similar (not quite as large) to the ten set up. Presenter is front of a large screen… Looking more modern, with the new look desk. Nice work ABC Sydney!

  3. I think Dr. Karl should be featured more on television as a scientist. Sleek Geeks with Dr. Karl and Adam Spencer was a good show and was a good way of getting younger people interested in science.

  4. I love Dr Karl, listen to him every week on triple j. Was fascinating to watch his history last night, nothing but admiration for him.

  5. roaringdave

    The Recording Studio deserves a much bigger audience. If only people would look around to see what’s on instead of being glued to the same old rubbish.

  6. House Rules following the same old scripts.
    week 1 – “Jamie’s back”, week 2, “wow” I want that, week 3 “tear jerker” doing it for mum
    week 4 “baddies v bullies, week 5 “10 out of 10” etc etc….. on top of absolute tacky renovations.

  7. Time to pull all those extra Name Game Encores and drive people to the 6pm showing who really like it.
    Be interesting to see if Masterchef will grow more and over take the voice.

  8. I am going to be a blubbering mess by the time The Recording Studio finishes. Love this show. I am wondering if anyone knows why Grant Denyer introduces himself on his show as ‘TVs Grant Denyer’? Sounds strange to me

      • I cringed when I sampled an episode and realised Grant had ripped off all of Ferguson’s CNG schtick. The thunder and lightning bit was hilarious when Ferguson did it but Denyer attempting to copy it looks try hard and amateur. Reminds me of Vizard’s Letterman rip off.

    • Hah! I pointed out a couple of weeks back that HR wasn’t much higher than The Chase and was taken to task here (probably a fan) challenging there was no connection.

      All 7.30 shows are down this year but I think House rules has a loyal viewer base. Seven really needs to replace it with something new in 2020.

  9. Dr Karl’s journey was so hard for him, I ended up in tears on his behalf…but I believe was quite cathartic for him. The ratings for this episode were well deserved.

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