Your Money channel to cease broadcasting

Your Money channel will close next week, just 7 months after its launch, due to revenue problems.

The channel launched as a joint venture between Nine and SKY News on both Free to Air (Nine digital channel 95) & Pay TV (Foxtel Channel 601), replacing Extra and SKY News Business, respectively.

Nine CEO Hugh Marks and Australian News Channel CEO Paul Whittaker said the revenue model had proved more difficult than envisioned and not delivered to expectations. This was due to a number of factors that could not be rectified in the short term.

“We have enjoyed a strong partnership with this joint venture but unfortunately we are unable to maintain its continuing operation. Market and technical circumstances have proved too challenging. Our thanks to the Your Money team – the quality of the people who brought this channel to life is extraordinary and they have given it their utmost commitment and professionalism,” they said in a joint statement.

Your Money CEO Kylie Merritt said, “I am proud of what we achieved and I thank every member of the team for the work they did, the stories they told and their incredible devotion to the project.”

Where possible the joint venture partners will seek to redeploy staff within their respective businesses.

Your Money will cease broadcasting on Friday, May 17, 2019.

It isn’t clear if separate channels will replace it on Nine and via SKY News.


  1. This program was not only brilliant but an important vehicle educating Australians in regard to investing in Australia! If anything a loss to our economy.

  2. I’ve just returned from an overseas holiday and was totally shocked to hear this program has been axed. Your Money was, in my book, one of the few programs worth watching on free to air TV. I’m totally over reality TV and quite frankly, if my household is one to go by, Youtube provides more entertainment these days than free to air TV…..that’s how bad it is.
    If I learnt one thing from this program it was that you don’t invest in free to air TV stations these days because their advertising income is drying up because no one watches it anymore…and no wonder.

  3. We have been watching the business channel for years now. We have a SMSF and being able to ring up asking questions relating to us and listening to other peoples thoughts as well, has been a great help. I am sure we are not the only people who think that. We went back to watching CNBC which mentions Australia every few hours. Why is Australia always backwards when it comes to the rest of the world.

  4. Perhaps I haven’t read everything properly bit at no time have I heard thanks for those who have watched and kept us you going. I would often watch am and disappointed it didn’t work, but at no time have I heard any discussion as to who was watching and why and how can we make it better. It was just what we did and anger we all didn’t watch, this was perceived through the person who got to answer these comments. Maybe look within rather than project out. Hope we can get this back up and running.

  5. This was a great show very helpful.
    My wife and I are very upset this show was canned
    there nothing else like it on television please bring it back

  6. It is such a shame. My husband and I watched this channel all the time as we are keen to invest in the market. 601 provided great advice with superb commentators. It’s such a disappointment that Australian broadcasters cannot not find the money to retain such a quality program. Perhaps you should ask the richest woman in Australia to give a donation?? It appears that in Australia we are denied business information, whereas in America you are not. The quote below summarises how the broadcasters gave up. Isn’t it better to find a solution than to deny the Australian public their right to access information?
    “People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
    “Success isn’t…

    • I agree with Ocean 11. The only thing we can do now that gave us good information is buy yearly subscriptions in share newsletters which costs thousands. Surely something can be done if enough of us complain.

  7. Pity, it seems that anything Channel 9 touches at the moment gets broken. Today show, start from scratch rather than replace one element and remeasure to see if it improved. Starting from scratch, then failing – you really don’t know what failed. Footy show – same thing. Your Money – Nine gets involved so it’s a rebrand/reshuffle even though it had been running on Foxtel as a business channel for quite some years (preferred the old version actually). Seems that something in the Nine program management is more broken than their shows.

  8. Hardly saw any paid advertising on this channel apart from occasional pensioner insurance ads. The breaks were mostly padded out with promos.
    Always sad to see people losing their jobs.
    Will Sky News run a stand alone business news program on their main channel somewhere?
    And will MediaWeek live on somewhere else?

  9. This is one of those articles here that if it were April 01st you’d be reading through thoroughly to see if the story gets more and more absurd as the article goes on before making a comment..

    • i was thinking the same thing, sorry people are losing their jobs (but pretty sure they’re not going to be thrown into a Centrelink queue, so not that sorry!), but the irony of a money channel ceasing due to revenue problems is too funny…

  10. Must now be very tempting for Nine to put together another commercial multi channel to match Seven as there are nights they lose in network share to Seven by small amounts. Even though 7food has such small shares (usually half of SBS Food) it all helps to the nightly network share.

    • Perhaps they could make a FTA Stan preview with ads. Show some of the older programs licensed to Stan, eg show “Power” weekly from Season 1 just to think of an example off the top of my head. Of course with subscribe to Stan for $10 a month ads.

      Just a thought

  11. chivasssimo

    Nine now controls what used to be Fairfax, which means they are now a significant rival to News Corp’s interests, particularly in publishing. Surely this is a factor in the decision making

  12. Nobody is answering the only obvious question — is this reverting to Sky News Business? Or is the Sky News stable losing one of its horses permanently?

  13. So…let me see…a “money show” headed by financial gurus failed because “the revenue model had proved more difficult than envisioned and not delivered to expectations”. OK.

  14. I never understood how this channel made money. The majority of the ads on the channel were for their own programs, not for businesses (like normal advertising). I never saw Your Money on the Foxtel ratings table despite it being their premier program shown twice every weeknight.

  15. Financial advice is still a good topic for television, even if a dedicated channel about money didn’t work in the long run. A half-hourly program about money could be condensed. I remember the Nine Network program Money hosted by Paul Clitheroe rated well. There was also a program on Ten Network called The Barefoot Investor that was hosted by Scott Pape.

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