Your Money ends transmission

Transmission of Nine / SKY News joint venture Your Money ended at 1am this morning.

The channel closed after 7 months on air due revenue difficulties. And yes the irony of this is not lost on anyone.

Industry chatter suggests after Nine later bought Fairfax newspapers it made for very awkward bedfellows with News Corp.

Channels rarely fold so quickly in their infancy… although 10 BOSS may have something to add to that discussion.


  1. Wow what a big shame the only time anyone had a show worth watching on free to air TV get axed was it axed because of funds or was it more that it got blocked because it was making everyday people aware of how to make money and how the banks and other money entities take us for a ride when they take our money and give us in return 1/5 of what they actually make in the market with your money which is really unfair to everyday Aussies been ripped of this way e.g. banks make between 3 and 6% per month on your term deposit money and only give us the everyday Joe 2.5% per year tell me this is not highway robbery? anyway very sorry to see a good show get axed…..

    • Agreed, I wouldnt mind paying to watch this channel. So informative and good advisors like julie and Howardamd margaret expert on real estate…some experts you can trust .
      Wish they would keep it up for the education of general public.

  2. 7Food’s ratings are relatively insignificant but some nights it is the difference between a Nine win or a Seven win for the night. It would probably be in Nine’s best interest to launch another commercial digital channel to compete, even if it is filled with repeats – just to pick up an extra small percentage.

    One that would work now would be a Big Bang channel, playing nothing but Big Bang Theory episodes from every season till now, non-stop, 24/7. Seeing how well BBT repeats do on 9GO!, that channel would instantly be doing better than 7Food.

    Or a pop up channel – featuring different movies/binges like Foxtel sometimes do. Thinking outside the square here!

  3. Why not show a test card saying “an Exciting new channel will be opening here soon” or “This Space For Rent”?
    Nine’s forward planning seems to have been buried under a pile of Lego bricks.
    Perhaps Nine are emulating SBS by consecutive repeats of “The Black”?
    “Yes Nursey, I’ll take my pills now…can you loosen the straitjacket”

  4. Maybe not a huge audience but I’d pay $20 per month to stream just the “Your Money” channel. Many Investor websites charge more and you get way less.

  5. What a shame – I liked watching it, and even enjoyed the Fox business stuff early in the morning. But the lack of advertising was pretty evident

  6. Surprised they cut it off midway during a program. I know it’s not one of their own programs, but I thought it would have made more sense to let the current show finish and switch off when it ends.

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