1. The Inspector

    7.30’s ratings numbers are quite low dropping 160,000 after the 7pm news. Maybe if they got back to actually reporting on politics and news, people would become interested again.

    It has become light weight often featuring celebrity interviews and rarely focuses on the news of the day. More like a package put together and bits fed to us each night. We used to have Late Line available to fill in the gaps but they took that away from us too!

  2. I wonder how long it will be before HD will become standard for terrestrial broadcasting, overseas it’s UHD and 4K that is being trialed for new channels. Channel 9 has promoted big things about sports broadcasting over the years but is still content playing second fiddle to Fox Sports, in reality a dedicated FTA sports channel is long overdue, not the potpourri of fill in content pretending to be a sports show.

    • Back in my day, we did have a sports channel on free to air, which was One HD, which sadly was wrecked when Foxtel brought a stake in Ten. I would definitely like to see a sports channel on free-to-air.

      • One HD was taken off air because it didn’t rate. It had a bunch of sports that aren’t popular enough in Australia for FTA to run profitably ….. baseball, nba etc. If it had sports that were popular and they rated and the station was profitable it would still exist regardless of who owned the channel.

        • True, but another factor was that not everyone had digital television at the time, and in some areas (in particular Mildura), One HD was only in high definition (Channel 50 I do believe). I think the move to move away from sports was a bit premature compared to Fox Sports (which has an even more limited audience but now has several channels devoted to AFL, NRL and Cricket), so there are several factors why One HD moved away from sports and to more general programs aimed at a male audience (which saw it compete with Seven’s HD channel 7mate).

          And with contracts with Fox Sports ending in the next couple of years, I would like to see a channel be game enough to launch a 24/7 sports channel on free-to-air.

        • Channel 7 has Racing.com as one of their free-to-air channels but I think it’s only horse racing all the time. Was a bit disappointed when I first saw the name and thought it was a motorsports channel, only to find it was just yet another horse racing channel filled with gambling sponsorships.

    • In theory you should be able to fit in 5 or 6 HD channels per network within the allocated bandwidth but while ever there are people who do not have equipment that can receive MPEG4 HD channels, the networks are unlikely to ever to do anything like that. SBS is coming close – from July 1, 3 HD channels, 2 of which don’t have an SD simulcast.

  3. Good thing I checked the timetable last night. On Sunday night it said Tuesday’s Voice would go from 7.30 to 9.30, and then The Big Bang Theory would be right after that, so I set my recorder based on that.

    But I guess 2 hours wasn’t long enough for Nine, because when I checked the TV guide again last night, they had pushed *new* Big Bang Theory all the way back to 9.54pm! Would have missed half the episode if I didn’t check.

    • Agreed. Uncomfortable to watch at times but unfortunately the truth of what’s going on in the world.

      Don’t know if it is just me but felt the visual fidelity was a step above usual – possibly using 4K cameras which were then downres’ed?

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