Easy win for Seven on Thursday

Seven enjoyed a comfortable win last night with The Chase as its best performer outside of 6pm news at 602,000 / 372,000.

But MasterChef Australia was still the leader in entertainment, winning its slot at 626,000 and topping the demos, on a night of staggered scheduling.

Seven’s AFL drew 499,000 across Seven and 7mate but Nine continues to separate NRL numbers from its multichannels, resulting in 343,000 in OzTAM rankings.

Regardless, Seven Network won Thursday by a big margin at 34.3% then Nine 24.9%, 10 18.3%, ABC 14.6% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.01m / 838,000. Screening in select cities were Home and Away (388,000), Britain’s Got Talent (219,000)

Nine News was best for Nine at 840,000 / 817,000 then A Current Affair (675,000) and Hot Seat (515,000 / 314,000). In select cities were RBT (178,000), Australian Crime Stories (170,000) and City of Evil (150,000).

The Project was 410,000 / followed by 10 News First (360,000), Taboo (326,000), Celebrity Name Game (238,000). A Body Hack replay drew 112,000.

ABC News (625,000),  7:30  (487,000), Escape from the City (381,000), The Drum (188,000), the final Press (162,000) comprised ABCs night.

On SBS it was Extreme Railway Journeys (201,000), The Great House Revival (189,000), The Handmaid’s Tale (179,000) and SBS World News (123,000).

ABC KIDS’ Octonauts led multichannels at 191,000.

The Morning Show: 146,000 / 79,000
Today Extra: 96,000 / 62,000
Studio 10: 58,000 / 58,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 27 June 2019.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I was on 10….getting really hooked on Celebrity Name Game and Taboo is excellent…..two shows I never imagined I would be wanting to watch regularly….who knew…not me…

  2. A low ratings night for most programs. We watched 5 Bedrooms on 10’s catch-up (truly great) followed by Shetland (Season 4) on BBC First via our Fetch Box.

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