Friday Flashback: Guy Sebastian Idol audition

The Voice coach Guy Sebastian knows just what it’s like to audition for big time judges.

Here he is in Adelaide in 2003 when his life changed forever and even “nasty judge” Dicko said he set the Australian Idol standard. Australia agreed.


  1. I’d love to see idol come back! I think that there’s many wonderful singers in Australia that are just dying to be on a show that isn’t bias towards or against them and which ‘wants to find Australia’s best’ singer. I’m behind Osher, 10 has to bring this back…

  2. That brings back memories. The thing about the first season of Australian Idol is that the contestants had no idea what was about to happen to them. No other season or other shows that came after could manage to repeat the excitement or hype of that first year. Did anyone notice the young girl sitting with Guy at the auditions was Jules his future wife. She auditioned with him but didn”t make it into the show. In fact she was the one who told him about the auditions and talked him into giving it a go. Now that was a life changing moment.

  3. Great flashback David. I don’t think people can fully appreciate the talent Guy has unless they’ve seen him perform live, and in an intimate setting is even better. Musicality is in his bones.

  4. Can you do a regular flashback Friday article please David?
    Brings back memories, loved the early years of Idol! They don’t make them like they used to…

  5. Dicko was the master of subtlety… you look like crap!

    At least he didn’t tell Guy “You should choose more appropriate clothes, or shed some pounds”

  6. Those were the glory days of the talent competitions on televisions. From Australian Idol to Popstars, many artists had found fame & chart success, such as Guy Sebastian, Scandal’us, Bardot, Shannon Noll, Casey Donovan, Anthony Callea, Paulini, Ricki-Lee Coulter & many more. Also artists like Susan Boyle internationally. It wasn’t always glamour as artists had to endure contractual restrictions & minimal pay for their efforts. They achieved fame nonetheless.

    It seems as though the same level of success for participants is not replicated nowadays in talent shows on television for whatever reasons. There’s a failure, whether it be marketing or the reputation of the shows that needs to be rectified.

    • harrypotter1994

      I think it’s lots of things. Firstly singing competitions have been done so many times and just how many times can you freshen the format of those shows? Also I don’t bother watching reality anymore because it goes on and on and on. I occasionally watch the end of the Voice when I’m on break at work or I’ll watch a few performances on Youtube but I don’t need to see the full show with padding.

  7. daveinprogress

    That first season was so impactful and successful 3 million viewers watched him win the title. I’ve admired him ever since. Loving his work on The Voice. He brings great heart and authenticity and humility along with humour.

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