Giveaway: Finding Joy


10 x DVDs of UK comedy Finding Joy are up for grabs in this Friday’s newsletter.

Starring creator Amy Huberman (Striking Out, Cold Feet) this recently screened on ABC Comedy.

It also features Aisling Bea (Hard Sun, The Fall), Lochlann Ó Mearáin (Outlander, The Musketeers), Jenny Rainsford (Fleabag) Louisa Harland (Derry Girls).

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Joy is perfectly happy with her life. It’s neat and tidy and just how she likes it. Sure, her long-term boyfriend, Aidan, has left her, but Joy is fine with it. She’s certainly not suffering from heartbreak and stress-induced incontinence like canine Aidan. Things are totally fine the way they are… That is until Joy unwittingly lands herself a new job filling in for Ireland’s most-beloved vlogger, Flora the Happy Hunter. This unwanted promotion throws Joy firmly out of her OCD level of control and forces her to deal with a world she has put great effort into avoiding; one full of oversharing, boundary breaking, messy housemates, one-night stands, and full-contact wrestling; all in the name of learning about the crazy, uncomfortable and new-age methods people use to find… well joy. Finding Joy is a warm, funny and irreverent look at modern Ireland and how we each try to find meaning in our lives in a world where old certainties are gone.

Finding Joy is out now through Acorn.


  1. Have been enjoying this David. Something you posted a few weeks ago prompted me to record it. We enjoy our ‘Joy’ fix every week 🙂

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