1. They do it virtually every year after the main renos. The final stages should only be about 3 weeks of shows but guess they want the franchise to air a few weeks longer so cut back to 2-3 eps.

  2. House Rules so low because it was just a clip rehash show. Interesting re the demos … young viewers top Masterchef and old viewers The Voice… I would have expected other way around

  3. I honestly don’t understand why they have bumped House Rules the way they have. this is the first season I’ve watched it and am really enjoying it. I was shocked when they put that stupid dating show on instead which is clearly bombing.

    • Agreed. It seemed to have a steady viewership, and this move has really destroyed its momentum. I switched from The Voice on Sunday night to see how the judging was going and found they were mid-week with the reno. Now I have no idea what date the reveals will happen.

      And in terms of Super Switch, that launch was badly handled by being in the middle of House Rules reno week.

      Is Seven using work experience kids for its programming now?

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