MasterChef leads entertainment shows, Seven wins despite Super Switch fail.

Ratings: Seven schedule demonstrates how to win the night even when your big primetime show is a turkey.

It’s a testament to Seven that their strong early evening line-up has helped save their bacon on a night when a key primetime show under-performed.

Seven News and Home & Away, together with The Front Bar made up for The Super Switch failing in its third outing.  Much credit goes to The Chase pulling stellar numbers ahead of primetime, stronger for them than anything outside of 6pm news.

MasterChef Australia led its slot at 713,000 viewers, topping all demos.

That was followed by Anh’s Brush with Fame (681,000), 7:30 (632,000), Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (485,000) and The Super Switch (335,000).

A season final for The Weekly with Charlie Pickering win the 8:30 slot at 583,000, up on last week, then Five Bedrooms (437,000 from 8:40pm) and The Front Bar on 405,000.

Seven network won Wednesday with 26.9% then Nine 25.4%, 10 22.4%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 7.1%.

Seven News was #1 on 1.08m / 1.05m then The Chase (659,000 / 413,000), Home and Away (654,000). World’s Most Shocking Emergency Calls was 187,000.

Nine News was best for Nine at 919,000 / 908,000 then A Current Affair (763,000). Hot Seat drew 524,000 / 288,000 then 20 to ONE (317,000) and Botched (174,000).

The Project was 487,000 / 261,000 for 10. 10 News First drew 393,000, then Celebrity Name Game (240,000) and Bull (204,000).

ABC News was 673,000 for ABC. The Letdown (322,000), QI (244,000), The Drum (200,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (183,000) comprised other slots.

On SBS it was Going Places with Ernie Dingo (205,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (194,000), Where Are You Really From? (192,000) and SBS World News (133,000).  The Miniaturist was 98,000.

10 Bold’s NCIS: LA dominated multichannels at 207,000.

Sunrise: 283,000
Today: 182,000
News Breakfast: 123,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 19 June 2019.

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  1. Be interesting to see next Wednesday if Shaun Micallef knew in advance that Mad As Hell was starting on June 26th. Like will there be any Hurry up I have to get over to the ABC and has Mad As Hell soon jokes on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation or even a I hope Anh runs over time one given TAYG goes to 8:40pm(ish).

    On a Ratings note, that’s quite a goo outing for TEN to on 22.4%, especially when you consider Nine has one more channel than them and Seven two more.

  2. Did Rostered On season 2 premiere at 9pm on 7mate bomb? Looks like Seven backed the wrong horse with this local commission. Goes to show that YouTube mega hits have very different followings (and no ads!)

    1. It’s in a ridiculous slot. Who could trust it would stay there, considering it started with double episodes and 7mate shuffling around it’s wednesday night animation every couple of weeks.

  3. As per your earlier comments on last night’s episode of Five Bedrooms, a brilliant episode that had me laughing (Heather) and crying (Harry…I felt for him realising that in 2019 it is still a difficult path for many to come out and be accepted by their family). Wish there were more than two episodes. I feel like we have only scratched the surface of these characters and they will soon depart our screens. Pity the numbers aren’t brilliant but question that many people must view later?

    1. Agree – last night was a sensational episode of television. Heather’s comment just before entering the house for her surprise party was hysterical. Whilst the ratings aren’t brilliant, they have held steady. I’m hopeful we’ll get another season of this quality show.

  4. Not impressed how a scene in Five Bedrooms, featuring the cast, turned out to be a 30-secs ad for Telstra 5G, identified as such only by an end graphic. Same has occurred previously with MKR contestants and KFC but the Telstra ad was far more deceptive.

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