Oxygen: July highlights

Here are the new and continuing highlights for Oxygen on Fetch.

Here are the new and continuing highlights for Oxygen on Fetch in July.

Death at the Mansion: Rebecca Zahau
July 1
This limited series examines the mysterious death of Rebecca Zahau, a 32-year-old woman found hanging naked from the balcony of her wealthy boyfriend’s mansion in the peaceful city of Coronado, California. Authorities declared Rebecca’s death a suicide despite the fact that her ankles were bound and her arms were tied behind her back. Further complicating the case, her boyfriend’s six-year-old son was involved in a fatal car accident under her care mere days before her death. Did Rebecca commit suicide out of grief or was she murdered? Former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs, crime journalist Billy Jensen, and forensic criminologist Paul Holes pore over the facts of the case in search of answers.

Accident, Suicide or Murder
Season 1
July 1
This riveting series takes viewers through the stunning twists and turns of real-life cases involving suspicious deaths. At the heart of each case is a pressing question: was the victim’s demise the result of an accident, suicide, or possibly murder? Each hour-long episode traces the evolution of the investigation, from the discovery of the victim to the gathering of evidence to the efforts of detectives and family members determined to expose the truth once and for all.

In Ice Cold Blood
Season 2
July 1
Hosted by Ice-T (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), this true-crime series weaves together in-depth interviews, dramatic reenactments and archival footage to shine a light on shocking real-life crime cases involving sex, greed and murder. Each hour-long episode explores an intriguing mystery with recollections from the detectives and those closest to the victims, recounting the twists and turns of the case and revealing how lust and greed could drive someone to kill.

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