Renewed: Not Going Out

New episodes of UK comedy Not Going Out may not have been seen in Australia for some years but it was recently renewed for an 11th, 12th and 13th series.

The series stars comedian and creator Lee Mack (Would I Lie to You?), who plays a fictional version of himself: an unambitious man living as a lodger in a flat in the London Docklands (even Julia Morris once had a guest role).

It previously screened in Australia on 7TWO back in 2010.



  1. TheGedemondan

    When ABC2 became ABC Comedy I was hoping that we would get greater variety, including this show. Instead we get repeats of repeats of repeats.
    I would like to know if it is cheaper for the ABC to buy repeat rights for The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community or to buy first run British comedies like this.

    Can’t even watch this on dvd, since nothing since series 7 has come out.

  2. I found the most recent season (10) the weakest by far, to the point I expected it to be the last. While the retooled version of the show, where Lee and Lucy are married with kids was surprisingly better than I expected, I think the next three seasons will need much stronger scripts than season 10.

  3. The early seasons were great. I started watching some of the newer eps where he was married with kids and it kind of lost it’s spark. But great that Lee Mack has been able to squeeze out so many series of a sitcom. It’s hard to get a run that long. The Sketch Show was brilliant that he was in many many years ago.

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