The Morning Show turns 12

Since winning the ratings on Day 1 in 2007, Larry & Kylie are yet to lose a year in morning TV.


Happy Birthday to The Morning Show which turned 12 this week.

Long-running hosts Larry Emdur & Kylie Gillies hit the front of the ratings battle on day 1 under executive producer Adam Boland in a 3 month trial. Back in 2007 the show had in-house working title “Kill the Kerri-Anne-Show” and was also up against 9am with David & Kim.

It did just that, and then some, winning from the very first day and is yet to lose a year against all-comers: The Circle, Mornings, Studio 10 and Today Extra. Since 2010 it has been steered by Executive Producer Sarah Stinson.

On Instagram Larry Emdur wrote, “Number 1 for 12 years !! That’s a very very rare and very very cool achievement in TV land. I’m super proud of our awesome team who “bring it” each and every day, thank you guys for giving Kylie all the big words in the scripts.

“Kylie, you are a fascinating and incredible TV wife. Everyday at 9am we get married and every day at 11:31am we get divorced and during those 2.5hours we laugh together, we laugh at each other, we poke fun at other people and we poke fun at each other and sometimes we disagree, sometimes we argue, but it’s fantastic to know that our relationship is strong enough to withstand even the wildest of arguments like….why the Kardashians even exist.

“Who knows Kylie, if Chan7 sorts out some zimmer frame access we could be doing this for another 12 years …. To our audience, you peeps who keep us on air , thank you for being a huge part of this story. We know this is more about you than us so thank you for choosing to come and play with us .”


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