1. Ouch. Guess House Rules will be back up to 3/4 nights a week soon.

    Haven’t Seven also revived the similar Temptation Island. Puts that in doubt as well surely.

  2. I think 7 have made a tactical error with their latest copycat here. Normally The Voice fades after the blind auditions and House Rules comes home with a wet sail. But right when The Voice is moving to the next phase and might be vulnerable, 7 has dropped House Rules from 2 nights and robbed it off momentum. And it looks like they’re paying the price.

  3. maybe people are just starting to get sick of reality tv shows , cause all they seem to be are a way for people to climb the z list celeb ladder

  4. Maybe people are waking up to the crap…oh wait, they still tune in in droves for MAFS. At least this one won’t last long and people are waking up to it. I’m glad it failed. Networks need to realise this stuff shouldn’t be on and there should be more Australian drama please!

  5. These networks need to learn not to launch new reality tent poles whilst others are mid stream! I feel that viewers commit to their show and don’t allow room for anything else.

    • Don’t think the figures support that theory. Last night. compared to last Tuesday, The Voice picked up 30,000 MChef picked up 20,000 (both shows midway through their seasons). 7 lost 303,000 compared to last week’s 611,000 so only 50,000 went to 9 & 10. The other quarter of a million went somewhere else.

  6. Episode 1 has been available on 7plus for a week, so will be interesting to see if the low number is because people already sampled online.

  7. My partner watched it and by watch it I mean it was on in the background and we where talking about other things and would tune in briefly but overall we missed house rules and don’t understand why this dribble was on TV. the couples are all in bad relationships and the only advice they need from the experts is, “you need to break up and move on with your individual lives”

  8. I wonder how many repeats of The Super Switch will air to try and build an audience for next week? Hopefully this gets the Changing Rooms treatment and disappears by week two. Speaking of Changing Rooms, I wonder if that’ll see the light of day as Saturday\Sunday afternoon filler, or part of 10’s summer line up?

  9. Two reasons to get out of bed and smell the roses. Seven’s wholesome family entertainment offering at 7:30 was a huge turn off (how many repeats will it get?), and Bluey has been sold to Disney’s streaming service.

    • That is true, but from what I read, the deal with Disney in regards to Bluey does not include Australia, New Zealand or Greater China.

  10. I’m glad people switched off the switch, but the problem isn’t that it was a copycat, it’s that this genre exists at all, once MAFS is dead too I’ll be happy. Watched some of The Voice last night, honestly it was mostly bad karaoke.

    • daveinprogress

      I don’t necessarily agree. Normally I do agree with you Gaz. My beef was with the coaches’ choices. Mostly All Stars at the expense of real new emerging talent. Guy choosing the young guy doing a reggae twist was a rare exception. I still enjoy the music if not the drama of the 4 prima donnas!

      • I pretty much agree with you, the show is leaning towards All Stars and solid back stories. We see that with Kelly clearly choosing memorable artists over those who sang best in the knockouts. This is because the format is determined to see a coach “win.” I was never entirely comfy with X Factor format for similar reasons. At least on Idol all judges were neutral in this regard.

        • daveinprogress

          Yes and the elimination rate allowed a real connection by viewers to the singers. The Voice is so rapid and such a spin cycle of contestants and then they change coaches. It’s enough to give me senior moments keeping track of them and who’s in and out. Probably explains most years why the Blinds rate higher then it’s a bit of a descent into modest figures. Novelty worn off.

      • I’m with you guys on this. I hate to see Australian TV efforts fail but I hope everyone involved in this is deeply embarrassed. We are better than this as a TV nation.Hopefully Love Island Australia will suffer a similar fate.

          • Most of these singles are just desperate wannabe ‘stars’ looking for their 15 minutes of fame. This is just as fake and trashy as every other reality love show and I feel so disgusted that this sort of show is so popular among people my age. Just shows how superficial and tacky many of Gen Y are today and it is so sad

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