3 teams to face off in House Rules grand final

Shayn & Carly were eliminated ahead of the end after scoring a 3 for a reno, described as a strategy.

For the first time ever three teams will battle it out in the House Rules 2019 Grand Final challenge.

Facing off in a 7 day luxury loft challenge tonight are two Melbourne teams Tim & Mat, and Pete & Courtney and South Australia’s Lisa & Andy.

Queensland’s Shayn & Carly were eliminated after receiving three out of 10 from homeowners Pete & Courtney for renovating a deck and courtyard.

While Shayn put the move down to a strategic power play, Carly said, “I was expecting maybe at least a five. Three is a hard blow, I don’t think we did that bad.”

She added, “I’m disappointed because we gave our all. We tried out hardest, we were so close to the grand final.”

But Pete defended their score telling host Johanna Griggs: “Three is tough and we know that, and we’ve given it and we’ve got to live with that.”

On their elimination, Shayn said: “We’ve had one hell of a ride to be honest.”

Tomorrow night one team will be crowned 2019 champions and walk away with $250,000 plus a fully renovated home and garden.

7:30pm tonight and tomorrow on Seven.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve watched it and although I have enjoyed it, I am feeling like the show has been rushed to finish. It went down to three nights a week and even the “Grand Final” over two nights seems very rushed.

    I hope either Pete and Courtney or Lisa and Andy take it out, the brothers have shown a nasty side especially in the second round. their true colours have shown a fair bit.

    Yes the rating system is a bit out of whack, But if I returned home to what Shayn and Carly did, I would have scored them a 1. they had no real idea’s and copied what Tim and Mat did on the deck and failed.

  2. I’ve quite enjoyed them mixing it up this year, breaking a bit from the usual format.

    And the concise – Mon Tues Wed and Sun shows

    Now if we can just stop with endless repeated footage which I felt was 30% of the actual screen time

    and the cuts to commericals before (dun dun) dramatic reveals – It will be all the better 🙂

  3. I agree. The three was completely out of step with the scoring over the whole series. Pete and Courtney themselves presented an unfinished mess in the first garden zone, were very harshly criticised by the judges, and the scores were around five, and I think the home owners scored even more generously. A finished zone that is a little disappointing should score at least five.

    You are right, if they had got a better score, the result would be the same. But what if Pete and Courtney had received three’s back in the first garden? They would have been under both the bottom teams in the end.

    Shayn and Carly were one of my favourites, too. As you say, very genuine.

  4. The score for Shayn and Carly did seem strategic, especially compared with the scores they received from the judges. However, even if they got a better score, it wouldn’t have made any difference to the overall leaderboard rankings. Pity though, because I found them to be the most genuine and likeable of all the teams this year.

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