Friday Flashback: Hotdogs

Big Brother may have some charismatic players but they don't have Hotdogs, aka Simon Deering.

Big Brother may have some charismatic players but they don’t have Hotdogs, aka Simon Deering, who featured in the 10 series in back in 2005. He was evicted on day 64, before Greg, one of the Logan twins took out the win.

After his BB time he was fined $1000 for urinating outside a nightclub in Cairns.

But he still went on to host late night game show Up-Late with Hot Dogs and even a later appearance on House Rules.

Only in Australia.

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  1. Hot Dogs was one of the somewhat success stories from BB. You don’t get that much now. Remember when BB stars like Bree, Fitzy, Sara-Marie etc. went on to to other prominent work, like working on other TV and radio shows, as well as short-lived music careers?

    It’s an issue that faces many reality and talent shows now, in the sense that the networks aren’t maximising from the personalities or contestants that appear on these shows as much nowadays. There could be consideration of future potential when casting for these sort of shows. It still happens, but not to the extent it used to.

    Up-Late with Hot Dogs is certainly reminiscent of, and a product of the 00s in Australia anyway with the late night quiz call shows.

    1. I guess there’s a finite number of spots for these type of people to appear. With every new season of Bachelor/MAFS/BB/Voice/Survivor etc there’s only so many places these people can go – and many of them are occupied by previous reality “stars”.

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