Tay and Ari win Big Brother 2023

Gold Coast sisters beat out Louis and Mineé for $100,000 prize on Seven reality series.

Gold Coast sisters Tay and Ari Wilcoxson have won Big Brother 2023, walking away with $100,000 prize money.

Tay, 23, said: “Oh my god! This doesn’t feel real. Thank you everybody so much.

“We’ve always said we would want to help our family, that is a big reason why we are here. But we also want to make more memories and travel together and start something of our own business wise. The money will get lots of use.”

Runners-up Louis and Mineé were also joined by their loved ones in the House, which saw this year’s 19 housemates reunited on stage for the first time since leaving the house.

While Big Brother has struggled to perform for Seven it was previously announced as returning in 2024.

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  1. Really disappointed in that result & very surprised. Most people on twitter really disliked them. I really came to dislike them when they kept putting women up & just went along with what the blokes wanted. They’d say oh we can’t put another girl up & then next minute would put a girl up. I really wanted Minee to win.

  2. Boring winners who did nothing but go into the house. Find a guy each. Who helped with the numbers for nominations and evictions. Then Sat around and sunbathed. Then win because the other two were active housemates and provided a lot of content for the show, which was more opportunity for people to not want to vote for either of them.

    Which is typical of many Australian seasons of Big Brother.

    The show needs to be live.

  3. I nicknamed this season the “plastic ladies and tradies”. While I understand what the producers were aiming for, the lack of depth in most of the contestants personalities was a big drag on the show for me and I suspect others too. Big Brother appeals to people in different ways, but I believe one of the key appeals of the show is personality diversity. It badly needed people with depth. Most of the conversations I heard were quite boring. To be fair Gracie Mae, Taylor and one or two others offered us more, but they were very much in the minority.

    Something else that bothers me is the age range of the cast. I watched the first season of Big Brother and most season’t that followed. I’m sure others have too, but considering the first show was roughly 20 years ago, none of us are now in our 20’s so why fill a house with 20’s somethings who the long term loyal viewer doesn’t relate too…

    1. “Plastic Ladies and Trafies” – love it!

      To be fair in the end a good chunkof the cast themselves weren’t too bad. The problem is producers were only interested in one aspect of them.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Big Brother but that was an extremely disappointing end to a most disappointing series! I’m flabbergasted as to why the network and producers of the show are ignoring what the fans and viewers are screaming out for and served up that pre-recorded dribble. Sonia looked and sounded tired as she signed off on the Finale and probably coz it was something like take 12 of the 3 alternate endings and 3am in the morning LOL. Forget expensive market research, the fans are telling the producers for free all over social media how to fix the show. Sad that they’re ignoring it.

  5. David, has it been brought to your attention that the casting call site promoted at the end of the finale comes up with “We are sorry but Big Brother is not open for registration at the moment”? Unsurprising though.


  6. Not surprised they won tbh. Minee was annoying and i didn’t like Louis from the first time i saw him. Yeah they played the right game but in all honesty the only one i will remember from this season is Gracie Mae. Whats worse is the finale was filmed over a year ago. Recorded finales for Live voting results need to go. Same for the Voice. Bring back live shows and a live finale. I will say I’m surprised they even asked for casting after the worst season in BB history, at least for me. 25 days in a house is a far cry and the cast was ordinary and far from the 90 odd days most series across the world run for these days. If they do bring it back they need to take a leaf out of BBUKs book and bring back the one we love. Even then, i feel like this season could have hurt the chances of BB ever doing well again.

    1. I was really annoyed when I realised the reunion show was filmed straight after. I thought it was filmed now & wanted to see which couples are still together.

  7. This surprised me that they won. Then my partner said they were influencers, so they would’ve got their followers to have voted for them the past 24hrs. Minee and Louis played the better game in my opinion.

    Next season in 2024/25 needs to go back to live shows, live evictions. Let the viewers vote out the housemates. No nomination discussions what so ever either.

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