ABC soft on Tuesday

Ratings: Aunty under-performs. Ninja Warrior wins its slot on a decent night for Nine.

This week is shaping up as a sports-fest for couch potatoes.

Between Wimbledon, ICC Cricket World Cup, State of Origin, Tour de France, AFL and NRL…. there’s something on every night.

Add the athletes of Australian Ninja Warrior  to the mix, and there’s plenty on offer. Last night the show drew 879,000, down on its premiere, but enough to comfortably win its slot and top the demos.

Next in the slot were MasterChef Australia (630,000), House Rules (552,000) and 7:30 (451,000).

But ABC sure had a soft night, slipping under the 300,000 mark from 8pm and slugging it out with SBS. The final episode of docudrama Blue Water Empire (pictured) was just 190,000.

Nine network won Tuesday with 31.1% then Seven 28.4%, 10 18.0%, ABC 13.1% and SBS 9.4%.

Nine News (883,000 / 877,000), then A Current Affair (788,000), Hot Seat (516,000 / 306,000) and ICC Cricket World Cup (344,000).  204,000 watched the Cricket on 9GEM earlier, which led multichannels.

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 1.06m / 993,000 then The Chase (658,000 / 393,000) and Home and Away (644,000).  Andrew Denton: Interview drew 347,000 then True Stories (198,000).

The Project was 508,000 / 272,000 then 10 News First (387,000), Body Hack (278,000), Celebrity Name Game (247,000) and NCIS (128,000).

ABC News (605,000), Ask the Doctor (280,000), Louis Theroux (213,000), and The Drum (183,000) comprised other ABC shows.

Every Family Has a Secret ended at 279,000 for SBS followed by Insight (166,000), SBS World News (139,000), and Tour de France (132,000).

Sunrise: 256,000
Today: 183,000
News Breakfast: 107,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 9 July 2019.

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  1. It seems that the ABC is having a few bad nights……except for Saturday (with Shakespeare and Hathaway and Father Brown) and Monday with its news/current affairs shows…the rest of the week is just awful.

    1. I suspect it is for those who expected it on GEM/GEM HD (as all other games have been) could watch it there. Meanwhile those watching a Nine affiliate (outside mainland state capitals) could watch the coverage in HD. I assume tonight’s game (the remaining 54 overs from the India vs NZ) game will be GEM because of Origin.

  2. Had enough of the awful editing on House Rules. Cannot take any more of the ridiculous antics of some of the contestants. Had to switch off when one couple got dressed up as fairies and danced around for at least 5 minutes……blah.

    1. Keegie. Wholeheartedly agree. Was starting to think they’d changed the format to ‘Play School’. I too am getting sick of Lisa’s antics. #overkill

      1. This is the epitome of how serious people have become today. What is wrong with a little bit of fun and positivity in a world filled of so much doom and gloom? It’s actually sad how serious people feel the need for some TV shows to be and they are not allowed to deviate from that.

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of Neighbours for the best part of 20 years, but I’m not sure how much longer I can last. This whole Andrea Somers/Dee Bliss storyline has gone truly bizarre this week. I can’t believe they killed off Sonia so this could happen. Ridiculous.

    1. I stopped watching in the mid 2000s, which is perhaps one of the worst periods in the series’ long history, but I started watching again in early 2017 in anticipation of the Dee storyline, and I lost interest again later that year when the storyline was left unresolved and I haven’t watched regularly since.

      I might catch up on 10Play to see how this storyline culminates, but my suspicion was that Sonya was killed to pave the way for “real Dee” to return, which is such an annoying contrivance. They should have just had Dee marry into the family. Two wives for Toadie. I’m sure the two ladies would get along fine, and if Toadie falls out of line the wives could plot against him. That would certainly make for more interesting storytelling than the tiresome and trashy bed-hopping of everyone else on the street.

      1. I have sometimes thought with some of the lazy overseas repeats Nine and 7 put on in prime time in the back half of the year (or even the back half of the week sometimes) they may as well just put Hot Seat and The Chase on at 7.30.

      2. Seven’s Programming boss hinted in a Mediaweek podcast that there were some primetime specials later in the year they had planned. They’ve run some regular episodes in primetime before, which didn’t do much more than the 5pm numbers if I recall correctly, but I got the vibe these specials would be something a little more than the daytime format (maybe celebrities or bigger cash amounts, or two chasers playing at the same time?)

      3. Yeah I think that some ‘The Chase Australia: Specials’ would be good, maybe with some slight changes to the game for the specials as well. Having Specials on at 7.30 would also great for Chase fans who aren’t able to watch it at the early time of 5 p.m .

    1. Just wish 7 would give a bit of attention to the old UK eps and local eps and not have the same ‘chaser’ on both eps on the same days. Shouldn’t be too hard given the UK eps are quite old. “The 2016 Olympic Games will be held where?”.

    2. Seem to recall, from the days when we had real locally made daytime programs, that “Temptation” morphed into “The Great Temptation” for nighttime.

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