Airdate: Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly

Lock up your pooches, or maybe don’t….

Seven will screen Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly which is a UK series with dog trainer Graeme Hall.

This is a 6 part series which aired in the UK in February.

Seven also has a local dog special coming,  Australia’s Favourite Dogs.

Britain is a nation of dog lovers, but what happens when domestic bliss turns to chaos? Luckily there’s someone you can call. Master dog trainer Graeme Hall is on a quest to restore harmony and, with over 10 years’ experience, has built his reputation on finding quick but long-lasting fixes to almost any dog behaviour problem. His mantra is clear: “Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem.

In tonight’s premiere episode: Trainer Graeme Hall tries to solve dog behavioural problems, using his experience to find quick but long-lasting solutions. He meets Allana, whose two Labradors Teddy and Fudge pull her along at break-neck speed when out walking. He then visits Peggy, a cross-breed with a penchant for escaping, no matter how much her owners try to keep her penned in. Finally, Graeme heads to Blackpool, where Stanley the terrier has been struggling ever since his best friend Sweep died.

7:30pm Tuesday August 5 on Seven.

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