Big Bang finale leads to Nine win

Ratings: Nine claims Big Bang finale as the biggest comedy of the year, while The Super Switch drags down Seven's night.

The Big Bang Theory bowed out with 781,000 viewers last night, averaged across its double episode finale.

That was enough for Nine to claim it as the top-rating comedy so far this year. It also topped the older demos.

MasterChef Australia on 654,000 still led the younger demos, then Anh’s Brush with Fame (599,000), 7:30 (527,000), Border Security (459,000) and The Force (420,000).

Mad as Hell (577,000) led at 8:30pm.

Nine network won Wednesday with 30.2% then Seven 25.4%, 10 20.5%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News was best for Nine at 896,000 / 871,000. A Current Affair drew 750,000 then Hot Seat (541,000 / 350,000), Young Sheldon (439,000) and a Big Bang special (392,000).

Seven News was #1 with 1.04m / 983,000 for Seven then The Chase (645,000 / 416,000), Home and Away (621,000). The Super Switch was just 203,000  -fifth in its slot- and 140,000.

The Project was 456,000 / 260,000 for 10 followed by Five Bedrooms (476,000), 10 News First (396,000), Celebrity Name Game (243,000) and Bull (192,000).

ABC News (623,000), The Letdown (275,000), Insert Name Here (175,000) and The Drum (172,000) comprised ABC’s other shows.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (210,000), Going Places with Ernie Dingo (164,000), Where Are You Really From? (138,000), SBS World News (116,000) and The Miniaturist (91,000).

Bluey again topped multichannels on 206,000.

Sunrise: 253,000
Today: 203,000
News Breakfast: 118,000 / 51,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 July 2019

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  1. I enjoyed TBBT finale and I really enjoyed the special afterwards. The show did revolve around Sheldon so it was always going to be about him. But I did like his speech and at the end when they showed them eating and the way the song was played. It was also nice to finally see Howard and Bernadette’s children. Also seeing the elevator being fixed was a nice touch. It did very well to run for 12 seasons and it was a good show to watch.

  2. I shed some tears too watching the finale. It took 12 years but Sheldon’s speech was the ultimate piece of personal growth. I thought it was neatly done. I would have liked Laurie Metcalfe and Christine Baranski to appear but there’s always the reruns!

    1. Agreed – I think it would have been nice if they could have brought all the parents together for the final episode, but fitting them all in might have been a struggle.

  3. I enjoyed the final episode, elevator finally fixed the scene with the gang trying to load the lift with all their luggage and themselves had a bit of a giggle.

    The whole season could have been better I felt with knowing it is the final season all characters could have had great story lines but it mainly focused on Sheldon and Amy winning the Nobel Prize, episode 22 The Maternal Conclusion one of the better ones where all characters had a good story line. Have said it before, would have liked Raj to start dating Sheldon’s sister could have been a few laughs with Sheldon not approving etc.

  4. Going out more with a whimper than a big bang, but I enjoyed the finale. It felt too manipulative to make me teary, but I feel like they wrapped things up pretty neatly. Considering the ensemble cast, it felt a little uncomfortable with Sheldon taking centre stage (figuratively and literally) – but I guess it’s just recognition that he was the main star.

    1. Sheldon taking centre stage even at the start of the final ep where there where snippets of different moments eg meeting Penny, Howard in space etc Raj I think was featured in one bit sure they can’t fit everything but still.

  5. Nice finale for TBBT. I too cried during Sheldon’s final speech. I avoided spoilers, but I thought I’d seen a headline where there were contraversies, not sure what thay were. Nine played the first two eps the night before, which I watched, like the pilot the finale focused on the main three plus Amy. I guess the supporting characters had their tie ups in the previous weeks. At least we got to see the Wolowicz babies. I could definately see a spinoff with the supporting characters though.

  6. I haven’t watched Big Bang in years, partly because 9 aired it that often I just presumed it was another repeat, but watched last night. I had tears in my eyes watching Sheldon’s speech, just a beautiful way to wrap up the show…. and about time they fixed the elevator!!!

  7. Wow I’m surprised Seven is still running The Super Switch … I wonder how many more episodes they have to ” burn off”.
    As for House Rules being a Network so-called ” tent pole ” programme, well on its recent ratings ( I think it was number 16 show one night ) this ” tent ” wouldn’t keep a leprechaun dry.

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