Body Hack: July 2

Be warned. Todd Sampson has more confronting scenes, with tribal rituals that may distress some viewers.

Be warned.

Tonight on Todd Sampson’s Body Hack there are more confronting scenes with tribal rituals that may distress some viewers.

Ethiopia is home to some of the most vibrant tribes and unique social structures on the planet, tribes that have been glued together over thousands of years by incredible and often brutal rituals.

Here, family, community and a strong sense of belonging is not just a thing to have, it’s a critical part of survival and something we seemed to have lost in the west. But for some, particularly the women, this ‘belonging’ comes at an unbelievable cost.

From the brutal, bloody ritual of male stick fighting to the extraordinary whipping of women – this episode challenges our concepts of sacrifice, tradition and love.

8:40pm tonight on 10.

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