C31 revives Antenna Awards

Channel 31 Melbourne are reviving their Antenna Awards to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Celebrating individuals and groups in the Community TV sector, they were last held in 2014.

Previous winners have included Waleed Aly, Hamish & Andy, Dave Thornton, Jess Harris and Stella Young.

In 2019 the awards will have a total of 23 categories ranging from technical awards, best program in a particular genre and program of the year.

Nominations will close on August 16th.


  1. Every time I type in 31 on my remote, I keep seeing SBS Viceland. When I pointed this out on the C31 Melbourne facebook page, they deleted my comment and banned me from their page in the true Stalinist tradition. This mob can’t take constructive criticism , even though being a so-called community organisation. Good luck to them.

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