Diana Rouvas wins The Voice 2019

Sydney’s Diana Rouvas has been crowned winner of The Voice for 2019.

The 35 year old returning “All Star” from Team George defeated singer songwriter Daniel Shaw from Team Delta.

Zeek Power was placed third while 14 year old Jordan Anthony came fourth in the grand final.

Rouvas wins $100,000 and a recording contract with EMI after a string of flawless power ballads sealed her run in recent weeks. She was previously signed to to Universal Music but was released in 2015.

“It is an absolute honour to be here, thank you Australia. It is incredible,” she said.

“Thank you to everyone on this show. All the coaches. The people have who fed us. The people have played alongside us. Everyone who has dressed us. Seriously, it is an amazing show and it is such an honour to be standing back here alongside this young man.”

Both she and Boy George dropped an F-bomb in the Live to Air broadcast, but it didn’t dampen the euphoria.

Rouvas came fifth in 2012 mentored by coach Keith Urban.

Season 8 has been a solid rater for Nine with auditions already open for a 2020 season.


  1. daveinprogress

    It’s all about styling marketing. If Diana is in the same league as Celine and Barbra as George suggested she will need to be marketed in that diva vein. Big songs, grandiose look etc. I actually don’t mind the single I heard it in full this morning. The lyric suits her. I thought so as she sang it But I’m unsure it will sell big. She built her reputation on the big notes and emotive songs. At the end of the day it is a Tv show and her story is a happy ending.

  2. It’s a good achievement to win The Voice, but can that be turned into a successful music career and chart success, as had been seen in early seasons of Australian Idol and Popstars. The reputation of the current batch of talent shows is riding on the ability to market and produce a successful outcome for the participants.

    • You don’t need to look back that far. I would call all of the following more succesfull than any Voice winners. X-Factor & Australia’s Got Talent brought us Justice Crew, Samantha Jade, Jai Waetford, Dami Im, Bonnie Anderson, Consentino.

  3. She’ll be another nobody in a couple of weeks.

    Why do people watch that show? It’s only a vehicle for Delta/Guy to sell singles/albums. It

    • yeah Delta Goodrum has been flogging her stuff on The Voice for years. Now Guy Sebastian has realised its a great place for us to hear his stuff.

  4. She was awesome, has a great voice but so were many past winners. Where are they now? Guy hit the nail on the head last night when he said great singers are a dime a dozen but to make it you have to be really special. I really feel for these people as at least 5 of the top 10 could go pro but probably will not. A really good season for The Voice.

  5. a well deserved win but i agree, that winners song is totally unsuitable for her & bloody awful! Whoever came up with that one should be fired! And i wonder about how this show is supposedly live? except for maybe that bit, can’t see how the winner could perform an unknown song without rehearsing it first.

  6. Diana had a great voice for power ballads – the winning song was terrible. I hope Daniel has success. The duets are great. Delta should release an album of duets.

  7. I remember Diana from season 1 and her singing i cant make you love me… great voice.

    The single is 54 on itunes and is not even a studio version??? What the hell? Another poor start for the winner.

  8. She’s a great singer. But I’m a bit disappointed an all star won. And yeah that winners single is a shocker. I wonder if it was actually written for whichever contestant won? Not written for Diana specifically?

  9. I haven’t followed the show all season, but I watched the final last night and was seriously impressed with all four contestants. Can’t believe Jordan is just 14 ! What a voice. Is it just me or does Diana look a lot like actress Jane Allsop ?

  10. Obviously a class above the rest with that great voice. I just wonder why when she wins singing power ballads al the way through, her winners single is a terrible rock song? I turned off half way through it but enjoyed the show, especially Kelly and Zeeks duo, highlight of the night for me. Proves if they give these singers the songs they are suited to sing it would be a much fairer contest.

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