International acts competing on Australia’s Got Talent

EXCLUSIVE: Aussie acrobats, illusionists, singers and comedians will go head to head with top overseas acts in Australia’s Got Talent next week.

Acts from Moldova and Israel are amongst those who will compete for a $100,000 prize (including with their home countries indicated on screen).

It’s the first time Australia’s Got Talent has welcomed international acts in what is likely to surprise some viewers.

Jonathon Summerhayes, Director of Major Formats, Fremantle, told TV Tonight,Got Talent is an international platform, the format draws exceptionally talented performers from all corners of the globe as well as the very best homegrown talent. They all compete on the one stage which makes this show truly unique and the biggest show in the world right now.

“Australian acts have competed in international versions of Got Talent for years and AGT is also very happy to welcome international acts … especially given how blown away we’ve been by the quality and variety of talent we have auditioned.”

Aussie acts who have competed in international Got Talent shows include Gerry Connolly, Justice Crew, Accordion Hans and Brisbane dancer Ben Trigger.

Flights, accommodation and per diems are normally paid for Got Talent acts, but no performance fees.

Australia’s Got Talent premieres 7pm Sunday July 28 on Seven.


  1. People should just lighten up and get over it. If the Aussies are good enough, they will get through anyway. A bit of competition never hurts.

  2. Oh. So now we can add international artistes to the list of people who nobody will watch. If Seven really wanted to reboot a popular family show they could have done Young Talent Time…, oh wait.

  3. Mmm, if they are migrants who now live here, bring it on…all for the diversity of our country to be on display. But, it’s a bit rich calling it ‘Australia’s got talent’ if you’re drafting in acts from overseas specifically to take part

      • no1austvfan

        It happens in all Got Talent shows.
        In UK have lots of people from mainland Europe, USA has European too and people from South/Centre America, and its the same story in: France’s G.T., Germany’s G.T., Asia’s G.T. etc.
        Producers bring in international talent to entertain and provide a back up, if they don’t get “the cast” that they are wanting.
        Producers in advance will have a game plan saying for this format to work I need: 2 comedians, 2 kids acts, 2 wow acts, 2 dance groups, a number of diverse acts, etc…

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