Renewed: Archer

An 11th season and big news on storylines for Archer fans.

Archer has been renewed for an 11th season.

Producers just revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego that Sterling Archer is going to wake from his three-year coma in the upcoming finale.

EW spoke to executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis about their season 11 shakeup.

EW: So for the past three seasons, Archer has explored different genres while Sterling has been in a coma. What made you decide to return to the show’s main timeline?

Casey Willis: As we were doing these seasons of genre-hopping, we started thinking about how interesting it would be if Archer were to wake up to a world that’s had to move on without him. We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to do another season and explore that dynamic. In his coma we found out what’s important to Archer, and we want to see how he’s going to react when he’s back in the real world.
Matt Thompson: They say you can never go home again. Archer goes home again and finds that everything’s changed. One reason Adam, Casey, and I started genre-hopping is we got bored telling a mission-of-the-week story. It felt stale. We didn’t know how to do yet another story where Archer had to go get a dictator in a foreign country and bring him back. Now we’ve been gone so long from that it’s going to feel brand-new again. Because everything’s changed. It’s not a small matter. We want this to feel closer to season 2 and season 3, but at the same time Archer’s lost, and that’s interesting to us.

EW: So you’re literally back at the New York agency in the same non-distinct time period?

Matt Thompson: Yes. But the personalities and situation of the office has changed. We’re definitely back to doing spy missions. But the roles and people’s personalities have changed. What’s also different is Archer is physically and mentally not what he was. He’s been in a bed for three years. His muscles have atrophied to the point where he can’t even walk that well.
Casey Willis: He’s going to have a cane. That’s something we can give away.
Matt Thompson : But it’s not just a cane. It’s a Tacti-Cane.

Archer screens in Australia on Comedy and ABC Comedy.

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