Returning: Travel Man

Richard Ayoade returns in new episodes of Travel Man tonight on SBS VICELAND.

This is the eighth season, a 4 part series screening in double episodes over 2 weeks.

Ayoade has indicated the ninth season will be his last.

Richard Ayoade wants to make travelling more fun, more efficient, and less tedious. In this series, he shows us how to have the most efficient holiday possible.

Season Eight, Episode One: Athens
Richard Ayoade is back on his travels starting in the cradle of civilisation, Athens. Joining him for a mythic mini-break is comedy goddess Dawn French. To fuel their Greek comedy, they begin with a generous helping of traditional doughnuts called loukoumades, one of the oldest recorded snacks in Greek history.

Episode Two: Porto With Nish Kumar 10.55pm WA
Nish Kumar joins Richard for a potter round Porto, Portugal’s second city. They start their trip with a welcome tipple of the city’s eponymous fortified wine whilst browsing for paperclips in their hotel, which doubles as one of Europe’s oldest stationery shops. To get their bearings, Richard and Nish hire electric scooters to zip from one notable point of interest to another, taking in the city’s medieval centre and the UNESCO world heritage site of Ribeira.

23 July at 9.25pm on SBS VICELAND (10.30pm WA).


  1. David – I thought TravelMan “returned” last week with the Chistmas special – 96 hours in Jordan with David Baddiel. Did I miss a previous screening?

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