Second night sweet for Aust. Survivor. Seven wins Thursday.

Ratings: 10 reality show leads entertainment shows & tops the demos -but nobody eclipsed the magic million.

Australian Survivor was the best entertainment show for the second night in a row at 712,000 last night, and topped the demos.

That bettered competitors including Home and Away (569,000 from 7pm) and 7:30 (513,000).

But it was a quiet night overall with no show topping the magic million and there is no immunity idol from big guns around the corner.

Seven network won Thursday with 30.4% then Nine 24.2%, 10 19.7%, ABC 14.7% and SBS 10.9%.

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 976,000 / 916,000. The Chase was 561,000 / 357,000 and The Front Bar (446,000) and in 2 cities was Martin Clunes: Islands of America (153,000).

Nine News drew 909,000 / 881,000 for Nine followed by A Current Affair (691,000) and Hot Seat (536,000 / 312,000), Thursday Night NRL was 357,000 in 2 cities. Also in select cities were RBT (165,000), Australian Crime Stories (128,000) and City of Evil (123,000).

The Project was 497,000 / 395,000 for 10 then 10 News First (411,000), Celebrity Name Game (247,000) and Law & Order: SVU (217,000).

ABC News (611,000), Escape from the City (453,000), Sammy J (270,000), No Offence (172,000), The Drum (165,000) comprised ABC. Humans was just 62,000.

The Handmaid’s Tale led SBS at 230,000 then Tour de France and The Great House Revival (both 188,000) and SBS World News (128,000).

Floogals on ABC KIDS topped multichannels at 183,000.

The Morning Show: 123,000 / 80,000
Today Extra: 93,000 / 53,000
Studio 10: 52,000 / 52,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 25 July 2019

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  1. Aus Survivor very impressive 2 nights….so now Channel 10 move to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Why??? Would love to be able to say Wednesday, Thursday are Survivor nights. There’s nothing else on. It could own those nights for the rest of the year.

  2. I tried Survivor last night….been watching the promo’s and thought I would like it….Nope…not at all….and the guy with the ‘stick’ hanging out of his mouth…annoyed me…like an itch I could not reach to scratch…

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