Sunday Night: July 14

On Sunday Night Melissa Doyle has a cautionary tale about a medical emergency for a 4 year old, and Steve Pennells reveals the real story behind an apparent suicide.

Killer Flu
Meet the unstoppable Mia Wilkinson. Little Mia was a happy and active four-year-old – no different to any other child her age. Then she came down with the flu.

Over the next 24 hours, Mia got sicker and sicker. Twice her parents sought medical help. But on both occasions, they were turned away. By the time doctors realised that Mia’s flu had become something far more dangerous, the little girl was in the fight of her life. Mia survived but she lost all four of her limbs. The way this little girl has faced up to that challenge is truly inspiring.

This flu season has been one of the worst on record, already claiming more than 230 lives.

Join Sunday Night host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle as she sits down with Mia’s family. They want everyone to know how to recognise the warning signs when a simple case of the flu turns deadly.

Detective Cartier
When Phil Nisbet was found dead, all the signs pointed to suicide. The empty Phenergan tablets on the bedside table, a farewell text message to his wife, and a typed suicide note. But there was one person who refused to believe Phil had taken his own life – his little sister Lee-Anne Cartier.

Lee-Anne was convinced it was murder and that Phil’s wife – Helen Milner – was the killer.

Sunday Night senior correspondent Steve Pennells tells the story of how this single mother reinvented herself as an amateur detective and eventually delivered justice for her brother.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.

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