Sunrise toasts unbeatable lead

Sunrise cast and crew celebrated on Friday on the eve of the show claiming its 21st week in the ratings year.

The Seven breakfast show, led by David Koch & Sam Armytage, is enjoying its biggest lead over rival Today in 13 years.

Although the gathering was to mark the halfway point of the year, yesterday the show cemented more than half the weeks in the ratings calendar. Executive Producer Michael Pell (pictured right) won’t formally claim the year until annual shares are allied in December.

Weatherman Sam Mac, recently nominated for a Gold Logie, added a second party to his busy day by joining former Project cast mates in Melbourne.

Meanwhile Nine execs maintain Today‘s revamp is part of a longterm plan and ABC’s News Breakfast will see Lisa Millar replace Virginia Trioli next month.


  1. Why does the EP continually photo bomb shots in which his key presenters appear? Can’t think of another EP who feels the need to do that.

    • Not a photo bomb. I ran photos of EP for The Project a day before and nobody said a word. TV Tonight is industry related and this was a behind the scenes event. I’ve posted execs and producers in pics for 12 years and happy to keep doing so. TV Week can focus on talent, I prefer a broader scope.

  2. I get a bit tired of all the blame being put on poor old Karl. If I remember correctly, the show started going down when Lisa left and its hard for people to adjust to a new team. Its hard to change peoples viewing habits too. Sunrise are too cocky these days, some of the little under the breath digs they have about some people are really rude.

  3. The big problem with Today and has been for many years the presenters don’t look and feel relaxed with each other,it seems they are trying to outdo each other and treat it as just a job instead of entertaining people who watch in getting ready for their day.

  4. Sunrise is relaxed and down to Earth, whereas I find Today too highbrow and serious. I prefer to eat my breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere.

  5. carolemorrissey

    So it appears Karl wasn’t the problem since ratings haven’t gone up since he left. Maybe 9 need to bring him back. Since he got married he seems to have settled down a bit. So sick of Sunrise beating Today, they were around long before Sunrise was even thought of.

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