The Chase upstages primetime entertainment

Ratings: Seven wins Thursday. 10's Adam Goodes doco dominates social media chat and trends worldwide.

Thursday proved to be a low rating night for networks, with no reality contests in play.

The Chase continues to upstage primetime shows. At 601,000 / 363,000, it was joined by Home and Away (599,000) as the top entertainment shows of the night.

7:30 won its slot with 504,000 ahead of 10’s Adam Goodes documentary The Final Quarter at 442,000 which was strongest in Melbourne, then Sydney. Notably, it dominated social media chatter, even trending at #7 worldwide, while a Project special later drew 302,000.

The latest Mad as Hell episode at 9pm drew 361,000 which was lower than the incorrect replay the night before.

Seven network won Thursday with 31.7% then Nine 24.9%, 10 18.0%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 10.3%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.02m / 959,000 for Seven and even topped the demos.  The Front Bar was 357,000 then The Latest (309,000) and Movie: Snatched (195,000).

Nine News (819,000 / 816,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (713,000), Hot Seat (492,000 / 297,000) and Thursday Night NRL (357,000 in 2 cities).

The Project was 447,000 / 277,000 for 10 and 10 News First drew 412,000. Celebrity Name Game was 260,000 and an SVU replay was 125,000.

ABC News (605,000), Escape from the City (410,000), The Drum (172,000) and No Offence (135,000) comprised ABC’s other shows.

On SBS it was The Handmaid’s Tale (212,000), The Great House Revival (175,000), Tour de France (172,000) and SBS World News (126,000).

7TWO’s Father Brown led multichannels on 175,000.

The Morning Show: 141,000 / 92,000
Today Extra: 97,000 / 50,000
Studio 10: 53,00 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 18 July 2019

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  1. Escape To The Country (AKA Escape From The City ) was awful last night. I think 3 of the 4 homes went completely against what the woman requested in regards house style ( weatherboard ) and large land. Two of the homes were actually suburban blocks !
    It was so obvious there was no interest from the poor lady and the clunky format beat dictated that she had to “go and have a look around” properties of zero connection.
    Bad or lazy research ? Anyway this show is quite a strange fit for the ABC, it seems more suited for Lifestyle or Seven Two. I wonder how it got commissioned ?
    And I’m sure she ended up actually buying none of the properties on offer despite the silly tagline that she had put one offer in and was going to submit another.
    Really I’d love to know the “batting average ” of people who actually buy one of the properties they have been shown through.

      1. I’ve wasted too much time watching it when they end up not choosing any of the houses. This could be a tight half hour show, but they insist on drawing it out be getting them to participate in time filler activities…just get on with it. Anyway I watched the Grand Designs Aus instead, much better show

  2. Prime Time fta, are the numbers getting worse, is the decline accelerating? We rarely watch ch 7 or 9 except for sport. The other 3 we watch at some point. Streaming we watch some ABC and a bit of SBS, but never 7,9 or 10 as their platforms have always been so abysmal.

    1. With competition from online like Netflix, and each network’s own catch up service online as well, live TV viewing probably is slowly declining. Thursday and Friday are usually quiet days for the free to air networks as well, except for 10 sometimes which showed MasterChef or Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday nights.

  3. Guessing a number of people would have just watched the right episode of Mad As Hell on iView or will catch the replays on ABC Comedy tonight at 8:30pm or ABC at 11:00pm. Having said that though it was well up on last Thursdays No Offence which got 173,000 in that timeslot, so obviously some tuned in.

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