ABC swipes on phone comedy Content


ABC has announced Content.

Described as “the world’s first scripted vertical comedy set on a phone” it will be available via ABC, YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and iview.

Content is a Ludo Studio Production. Developed and produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Principal funding from Screen Australia. Produced with the assistance of Screen Queensland.

Created by Ludo Studio
Directed by Daley Pearson, Walter Woodman
Written by Anna Barnes
Producer Meg O’connell
Executive Producers Daley Pearson & Charlie Aspinwall
Executive Producer for ABC Que Minh Luu
Production Company Ludo Studio
Principal Production Investment Screen Australia
Produced with The Assistance of Screen Queensland Developed & Produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

September 4 on:
ABC YouTube –
ABC Facebook –
and also ABC iview –


    • It absolutely drives me up the wall.

      Even more annoying is when you’re at a photographed event, and people are insistent on recording it vertically on their phones while there are professional cameras floating around.

      And the only ways to make them conform to 16:9 displays are not ideal:
      Preserve original aspect ratio: Yuuuuge black bars on the sides of the image, or alternatively, duplicate and blur the footage in the background to fill the frame.
      Crop to 16:9: A huge chunk of the footage is cropped from the top and bottom to fit the image into a 16:9 frame (4:3 would be a better compromise in this situation); would require dynamic framing of the footage for best results, but is difficult to do well. Consequently, the footage will also look quite soft.

  1. So…

    ABC expects people to watch a show recorded incorrectly in a shity vertical orientation?

    awesome – so half the screen will be black bars.

    your eyes are horizontally orientated.

    your TV is horizontally orientated.

    but no – lets record it vertically.

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