Airdate: Keeping Faith / Dark Money.

ABC premieres two UK dramas this Friday night.

Keeping Faith from Wales, stars Eve Myles and premiered in 2017.  Dark Money (or Dark Mon£y as per its UK title) debuted abroad last month.

Keeping Faith 8:30pm Friday August 23
Keeping Faith is an 8-part series that tells the story of lawyer, wife and mother Faith (Eve Myles) as she fights to find the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her husband. She comes to discover that her beautiful, idyllic home town, set on the estuary, harbours many dark secrets that threaten the lives of Faith and her family. Faith’s ordeal transforms her from a stay-at-home, fun-loving and carefree mother to detective, action hero and lover. She takes risks and gambles and finds a new inner strength.

Dark Money 9:35pm Friday August 23

Dark Money, penned by the award-winning Levi David Addai, follows a young British boy riding the wave of success for his role in a Hollywood blockbuster, when it soon becomes apparent he’s suffered abuse on set by the renowned producer. On discovering the devastating news, his parents accept a substantial pay-off to keep silent rather than press charges. Not wanting to hurt their family further from publicity hell, they think this will allow them all to move on. They were wrong. Whilst the pay-off outwardly transforms their lifestyle, the hurt and betrayal cannot be erased and the family begins to crack. Dark Money confronts the conflict between the price of silence and a parent’s responsibility to their son. The film studio’s responsibility to its crew and a young boy who put his trust in them. And ultimately if justice can play a role.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    Have been looking forward to Dark Mon£y since reading the pilot. Haven’t heard anything but good to excellent reviews of Keeping Faith, the cast of which includes Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Mark Lewis Jones. Count me in.

  2. Keeping Faith is brilliant. One of the highest rating shows in Wales before it was screen throughout the UK. They have also done a second season

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